Monday, January 7, 2013

East Texas Christmas

The weekend after Christmas, we packed up the car again to head to East Texas to see Jeremy's family for the holiday season. I hadn't quite gotten over a nasty cold from the week before and I finally went to the doctor to get meds for a sinus infection. So that's how our weekend started. Me, a miserable, snotty, coughing mess and Jeremy and Q on the verge. I honestly didn't get many photos because we all felt like crap the whole weekend. BOO!


Getting ready to go w/ her hat and purse.

We were really excited to visit Livingston this year because Jeremy's mom moved there about a month ago. She bought the cutest old house built in 1922 and it's just down the street from her family's bed and breakfast (seen here). Quinn loved looking out the window at Granny's onto the big front porch to see if any of the neighborhood cats were around.

We had a rough night Friday night. Quinn was in her pack and play in the same room as us and she had a hard time sleeping. She didn't want to go to sleep to begin with and she had developed more of a cough, so when she woke up and saw us in the room, she wanted out.

Saturday, we spent the day with Jeremy's mom, sister, her fiance and their kids. Quinn has a lot of cousins and another one on the way.  She had fun playing the piano w/ her Granny too. While we were there, Jeremy's mom pulled out his baby book and we found this awesome photo of Jeremy with a major "Quinn Face." It's scary how much they look alike.



 Is this a Quinn face or what?!



Saturday evening, we had dinner with Jeremy's aunt and her husband and Quinn started going downhill. She was a fussy mess and getting her to bed was not fun. Then Saturday night, we had a horrible night. It felt like she was an infant again. I think we might have gotten three hours of sleep while we were up and down with Quinn. Jeremy tried to sleep with her in the recliner at one point but none of us slept much at all. She was coughing a lot and my coughing probably didn't help the situation. By Sunday morning we had decided to cut the trip short and head back to Austin so we could get Q to the pediatrician. Boo!

Sunday afternoon, we spent some good time at the reservation with Jeremy's dad, step mom, sister and brother. His brother, Josh, has a new baby, Annaleigh, and Quinn kept pointing to her and making the sign for baby. It was really sweet. She got lots of new toys and a cute little car that she can ride while we push. Spoiled girl! We ate Indian Tacos and hung out until the early evening when we headed back to Livingston to eat dinner and head back to Austin. Poor Quinn was a snotty, coughing mess.




Quinn was officially done.

We were sad that illness got in the way of enjoying our time in Livingston. I think all the traveling and sharing germs was a lot for our family this year. Jeremy ended up with the same thing and we were all sickly over the weekend. Luckily, we will be back to visit soon! In the meantime, we might have to figure out how to stay home more during the holidays and spread our travels out a bit more.


The Houses

Aw that's too bad. It sounds like EVERYONE with babies was sick during the holidays. :( At least you made it there and got to see some of those old Jeremy photos - Quinn really is his mini-me. Crazy!