Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Brief Rant...

It's Not Okay...

1. For the school bus to sit outside someone's house (next door) and honk the horn for 10 minutes at 6:45a.m. Little Jimmy might be sick so let him stay home for the day...geeze! OR just leave them if they can't get ready in time.

2. To let your dog poo somewhere and just leave it there...invest in some doggie poo bags and pick it up people!

3. To leave your shopping cart in the middle of the parking lot...have some integrity and take it to the little return-cart thing.

4. To go to a Mexican food restaurant and order a side salad and water. Just indulge.

5. To use Facebook as a passive-aggressive way of dealing with confrontation. Status updates can be seen by all...even those who aren't in the fight and could care less.

6. To blow your leaves from the front yard into the street. Walmart sells extremely cheap lawn bags for this purpose. Get your lazy bootie outside, rake the leaves and put them in the bag. That's what we do with our leaves and the leaves that have been blown into our yard.

7. For any spiritual leader to use his/her position to "preach politics."

8. To forget (or just refuse) to say please and thank you.

9. To smoke around nonsmokers. I get it...I have bad habits too, but I don't force them on other people, so please keep your cancer stick to yourself. (I bet when I have kids, this feeling will only become stronger!)

10. To be ungrateful. God has blessed us with so much. I have to remind myself of this a lot, but just play the Glad Game and you will quickly be reminded of what you have!