Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I Lied

My sweet husband Jeremy is very low-maintenance. He rarely shops, he will eat pretty much anything I cook, he doesn't have to watch every sporting event on tv, he doesn't require very much sleep and he is perfectly content with his wife, his iPod, the dogs and a good book. Having said that, Jeremy is also pretty straight-laced. Spontaneity is not really one of his strongest characteristics; he is a planner. (Thank God, because otherwise I would be a mess.) Because of this, when I started thinking about his 30th b-day present, I knew it had to be something out of the box. So, I lied.

The Lie: The best part about the lie is that everyone was in on it. All of our friends had Jeremy believing that we were going to the Salt Lick in Dripping Springs to have a birthday celebration. Then the next morning (Sunday) all the guys were supposed to go play golf. One of our good friends, Patrick, even told Jeremy that he had gotten some free passes and made the tee time. Jeremy bought the whole thing!

The Lie Almost Revealed: I started getting worried when Jeremy would come home from work and tell me about his friends who were going to meet us at the Salt Lick. I even had a few of his buddies e-mail and call me to ask me what the plan was. It was funny to have to tell them it was all a made up story. THEN, the morning we were leaving for our trip our lab Lexi almost gave away the whole thing!

Lexi's Stunt: Thursday morning I took our dogs over to David and Sarah's house. They kindly offered to keep them while we were gone. It was rainy and muddy, but the dogs loved being in the backyard anyway. Ella's boyfriend is their dog, Kirby! :) Anyway, Jeremy called me mid-morning and said "Why isn't Lexi at our house?!" I flipped! Apparently, Lexi had somehow scaled the 6-ft. privacy fence and gotten out. David and Sarah's sweet neighbor called Jeremy (his number is on Lexi's collar) and told him that he had Lexi. At that point I really thought I was going to have to spill the beans. But, I thought fast and told him they were keeping the dogs so we could stay out late for his b-day dinner. He freakin' bought it!

The Truth: Back in the first week of February, I bought a vacation package to LAS VEGAS!! Somehow I kept this a secret (despite Jeremy's endless invitations to the Salt Lick and our dog, the escape artist). Both of our families knew and even contributed, and he had no idea. When I picked him up from work on Thursday for our "early dinner reservation" I basically told him we had really expensive he MGM Grand. His reaction was "holy $%it!" He kept telling me I was crazy and "we don't do this." I quickly told him that HE doesn't do this. He smiled the whole way to the airport and kept asking me who knew and who was in on the lie.

So, thank you to everyone who lied with me! Jeremy was totally surprised and we had a great time! The pictures below will sum up our trip in Sin City and we can't wait to go back! Oh, and we are still up for a Saturday at the Salt Lick for anyone who is interested! :)

Jeremy loved our hotel room at the MGM Grand.

I got a kick out of the statue replicas, so I imitated.

The view from a pedestrian bridge.

Apparently this is the face you are supposed to make right before you ride the "Insanity."

The hangs you about 900 ft. above the ground and spins you...SO FUN!

We did it!

I was a winner at the computer Blackjack...for a while at least.

Biggest slot machine ever! (I lost)

Jeremy wasn't so great at the computer Blackjack, but he enjoyed the free beer.

At our favorite hotel (where we hope to stay next time) the Venetian.

Bellagio fountain