Friday, June 8, 2012

Quinn Learns Some Family History

Last weekend we had the chance to visit Livingston where Jeremy grew up. We got to stay at his family's bed and breakfast called The Milam Home, and Quinn got to learn a little more about her family history. The home has been in Jeremy's mom's family for a very long time. From what they can tell from old records, the house was built in 1860. His grandmother and grandfather, Wanda and Thomas Warren, lived in the house for 28 years and in 1994, Jeremy's Aunt Debra made the house into a B&B. I love old houses that have a story. Jeremy grew up playing in this house and I can't wait for him to tell Quinn all of his memories.

We also had the opportunity to visit the Indian reservation that Jeremy's family lives on. He grew up around the reservation (not necessarily on it) and each year they have a powwow. Quinn got to go to her first Alabama-Coushatta powwow to learn more about her Indian heritage. She loved all the colorful regalia and the sounds of the drums, the chanting/singing and the beads on the regalia. 

On Sunday, we hung out at the B&B all morning and afternoon with Jeremy's family. We had a great time just sitting and talking in the back yard while the kids played in the kiddie pools and slip 'n slide. Renae was proud of her "red neck" slip 'n slide that she made using a tarp and some baby shampoo. The real slip 'n slide didn't even compare! :)

There's so much I could talk about but photos are way more fun. So, here's our weekend in photos (and videos)...

We got to the B&B at about 11:30 Friday night and Quinn was ready to play. Oh dear! I guess she thought sleeping in the car was just a nap.

At the B&B, Quinn gets to eat her bananas and cereal on fine china. 

Some photos of the house...

The beautiful live oak that lives in the front yard. Jeremy has memories of climbing it.

Chillin' in the back yard with Daddy.

 She couldn't stop looking at the fountain.

Fun with props.

This is a photo of Jeremy's grandmother and grandfather and all their kids. (I like how the only person smiling is his grandmother!)

I think Jeremy looks a lot like his grandfather! His Mom, Renae, is the one to his left.

Quinn's legs are getting so strong...she loves standing up!

Quinn loves Granny!

Sweet photogenic baby!

Quinn's Ahwo Choba (he's the Chief of the tribe) was telling her lots of fun stories. He told her God made her special. He also taught her some words in the Alabama-Coushatta language (some farm animals from a book they had). *Funny side note: I asked him what to expect at the PowWow and he said "You'll see more Indians than you've ever seen in your life." HA! He was right.

A photo of Jeremy's grandfather in his regalia as chief, Chief Oscola.

Her Ahpo Choba had fun talking and playing.

Indian Daddy and Indian Baby.

Q and Daddy w/ the PowWow Princess.

Quinn was mesmerized.

The Grand Entry.

The Traditional Dance competition.

 Not a great video, but you can hear the chanting and see a little of the Grand Entry.

A video of some of the Traditional Dance contest.


Sunday was a fun day of family and water fun!

Ohhh bubbles!

 Quinn's cousin, Destiny.

Quinn talking with Jeremy's Aunt Vanessa.

Quinn's cousins, Jaden, Destiny and Kameron.

Quinn's cousin, Lily, didn't want to slip n' slide...she wanted to drink the water!

Having a talk with Granny Great.

Granny Great with most of her great-grandchildren.

Granny with her grandkids.

My sister-in-law, Caitlyn, and Lily. I love how Q and Lily are staring at each other. They will have fun playing together one day.