Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I Think It's Funny When...

1. Ella and Lexi slide around on the wood floors. If Ella knows there is food or ice (her favorite treat) involved, she literally peels out because she can't get enough traction.

2. People use the wrong words on accident.
(e.g. A friend in high school was talking about someone who looked really skinny and she mentioned that person looked "emancipated.")

3. Or when people pronounce things in a funny way.
(e.g. My sweet Mimi loves to eat jalapenos w/ almost everything, so she always asks for them. I will phonetically spell how it sounds when she says it: hal-uh-peen-uhs. Love it. She embraces her West Texas accent. (Let's be honest, I have no room to talk...I say "peench.")

4. News anchors stutter or just have a hard time spitting it out.

5. People fall. I am allowed to think this is funny because I am an extremely clumsy person myself. I think the best way to get a laugh out of me is to turn on that goofy show "Wipeout." Sadly, the heavier the person, the funnier the fall. I'm just sayin'.

6. The clients that I call have ridiculous hold music on their phone. How can anyone take you seriously when your hold music blares "Apple bottom jeans..." or one of my favorites, "It's midnight, in Montgomery?" I am all about personal music preferences, but I wonder if those people have given that number on their resumes. It's like having an e-mail address

7. I look through old pictures of myself. I was a fatty with a really bad perm for a while there. Unfortunately, I don't own a scanner or I would share the wealth. But, if you want a good laugh at some old photos, check out one of my favorite sites: Awkward Family Photos.

8. People try to sing but they don't really know the words. The best example of this is on Ellen where they pass the microphone and these excited, over-confident, cooperative audience members sing their hearts out. OMG, you have to watch this:

9. People fall. (I can't get enough.)

10. When Ella and Lexi burp or fart. Lexi farts and then looks at her butt like it surprised her. Love it.