Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Hubby's Shopping List

I have to preface this post by saying I have an amazing husband. He tries to do everything he can to make our lives easier and my days less stressful. He understands that there is a lot of pressure on a full-time working, overachieving Mom. He knows me way too well. 

Anyway, one of the things he takes off my plate every now and then is the grocery shopping. I actually enjoy going to the grocery store and going up and down every aisle, but I just don't have that kind of time anymore. Letting Jeremy go after work sometimes is just better for everyone. 

I've found that making a list for myself and making a list for Jeremy is quite different. Obviously, I know what I'm talking about and I can use shorthand, but I forget the grocery store is sort of foreign territory for a lot of men. I'm pretty sure before we got married, Jeremy was acquainted with the meat, cereal, dairy, produce and personal care aisles, but when I throw random things like minced ginger or tempura at him, it gets a little confusing. 

Example from this week: I asked him to get grated parmesan. In my mind I was picturing the bag of parmesan you get on the cheese aisle. Well, he got grated parmesan, but it was the grated, powdery kind. I guess I should have said "shredded" which is what the bag says. Lost in translation. 

One more example: I asked him to get clementine oranges. He picked up a bag of what anyone would think is clementine oranges since the label said "Clem and Tina". Well, unfortunately I turned the label over and they were mandarins which I don't like. I know they look similar so I usually check for that when I buy clementines, but I didn't mention it to Jeremy. Oops. 

Again, I have to say, I know I am SO VERY lucky to have a hubby who will go to the store for us. It's just funny to see the difference in my shopping list and a shopping list for the hubs. 

Shopping List


jen mccrady

This is so amazing and SO TRUE of us as well! Although any time I have a specific product that would be traumatic if he got wrong, I send him actual pictures of the packaging from home, so there won't be any misinterpretation. Usually he does a great job. The problem isn't with him not getting the right things--it's with him thinking the grocery store is a playground with monopoly money! He'll come home with giant things of cookies, candy, etc. Ummm that was NOT on the list :)