Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Everlasting Onesie

When Quinn was born, our friend Meghan came over to visit and she brought a gift that included some super cute finger puppets and two polka dot onesies: a pink one and a mint green one.

The labels say 6-9 months, but when Quinn started wearing 6-month clothes, I realized these onesies were a little big. I let her wear them regardless and just rolled the sleeves up. I thought they were too cute and what little girl doesn't look cute in pastel polka dots.

As time went by and Quinn outgrew some of her precious little outfits (that she wore once or twice) these polka dot onesies just stuck around. It was like they grew in the washing machine. Every time I would pull one out, I would think "surely this is too small now". Nope. They are like the Everlasting Gobstopper except they don't change colors like the candy...they change sizes.

Well, now that Quinn is over 14-months old, I think it's time to retire the 6-9 month polka dot onesies. Oddly enough, they would still fit around her if she weren't growing taller.

So, thank you Meghan for the gift that kept on giving. Literally, for about a year. Who knew!!?

The evolution of the everlasting onesie: