Friday, March 29, 2013

A Sunday Outing to the Capitol

First, a grammar/spelling lesson.

Capital = city
Capitol = building

Okay, moving on.

A couple of Sundays ago, we decided to take part in the SXSW events by heading downtown to Freddy's Place where they were having a Moms I'd Like To Know (M.I.L.K.) event for families called Moms Rock. All the artists singing that day were moms and it was fun! The Watsons joined us and despite the chilly weather, we had a great time catching up. When you have kids, you cherish any friend time you can get.


After we left Freddy's, Jeremy had a great idea to stop by the capitol to let Quinn run around on the big, wide open lawn. She was in heaven! She loved feeling so independent and the weather was perfect. She wasn't so fond of the huge statue of a cowboy riding a horse, but she eventually warmed up and let me hold her close to it.





I sadly have never been inside the capitol. I'm a born and bred Texan and I guess I just never thought to go. You would think a school trip might have taken me there, but it didn't. So, after telling Jeremy that, he insisted we go inside.

It wasn't too crowded and we didn't really walk around much. We mostly stayed in the rotunda area so Quinn could look up and then walk around looking at all the cool things on the floor. It made me laugh that she couldn't look up and walk at the same time. Let's be honest, I can't either.






I love impromptu outings with my little family.

Oh, and God Bless Texas!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Five Years of Marriage


Jeremy and I celebrated our fifth anniversary last weekend. We are going to officially celebrate (just the two of us) in San Francisco later in April, but we had a great weekend as a family.

Friday evening Nannie Mae kept Quinn so Jeremy and I could go to dinner and a movie. Exciting right? No seriously, it was. Movies are one of our favorite things and we never get to go anymore so this was a perfect night. We started out having drinks at the W Hotel bar, roamed around Urban Outfitters waiting for a table and then had dinner at La Condesa. It was good, but probably not worth the hour and 45 minute wait. I had tacos and honestly, Torchy's is just as good.

IMG_2149Obligatory Willie Nelson statue photo.

On a side note, this is the shirt I wore to our rehearsal dinner exactly five years ago!

Then we drove back to suburbia to go to the sweet new movie theater by our house. This is what happens when you have been married five years and you are in the middle of a date.

Me: Can we run home so I can put on jeans, a long-sleeve t-shirt, sweatshirt and my Toms?

Jeremy: Sure and I can put our leftovers in the fridge.

So romantic. Actually, you know what, it is romantic. I'm glad we are out of the whole "try to impress your date all night" phase. We like getting dressed up and looking "pretty" for each other, but it's nice to know we can also be comfy and feel just as romantic, if not more.

Saturday was a fun day together as family! We hung out with Quinn upstairs in her playroom and then we all got dressed and went to the Domain to take her on a train ride. They have a cute little train that rides around some of the shops. Quinn looked so confused and then serious the whole time, but once we got off she was chatty and said "choo-choo" quite a bit.

We walked around the Domain a while and Jeremy got some new socks at Express. Quinn wanted to carry the bag so we got this awesome paparazzi-style photo of the two of them. Their shirts are pretty funny together. (Jeremy's shirt is from a record label...he's not one of those guys that wears "those" shirts.)



We'd planned to get fro-yo after the Domain, but Q was tired so we put her in the car fully expecting to let her take a nap in the car while we drove around. We headed down to the Hill Country Galleria and she got a pretty good 45 minute nap in. When we got there we sat on the patio of the Whole Foods and had a drink while Q ate her snacks.


We walked around a while and ended up in Barnes and Noble for a bit. For a child who is obsessed with books, Quinn thought she had died and gone to Heaven. She was so cute! I don't know why I've never thought to take her to a book store. Duh!





We met up with the Gristys for dinner later and then headed home. We love the Gristys and eating dinner with them on our anniversary seemed like a perfect end to a great day.

Oh, gifts. Since the traditional fifth anniversary gift is wood, we both got wood gifts that won't be here for a while. We laughed at the fact that we both dropped the ball and our Etsy gifts wouldn't be here in time, but who cares. Jeremy got me some wooden wall hangings w/ our names and some special dates on them and I got him a swing to hang in the back yard.

Happy anniversary to my love! Thank you for loving me for five (seven) whole years and for making home and family my favorite things in the world.