Friday, June 29, 2012

A Weeknight Family Adventure

It's rare that we do anything on a weeknight. Usually, I get Quinn from school and get home about 5:30. I play w/ her for about 30 minutes while Jeremy sweetly cleans bottles, lunch tupperware and the coffee maker.
Around 6pm we feed Quinn dinner and I start getting our dinner ready. We start her bath at 7pm and she's usually asleep by about 7:30pm. So, doing stuff on a weeknight is just really hard right now. That two hours I have with her in the evenings is sacred, and getting her to bed late is a fight because she's excited and overtired at the same time.

Last night we decided to venture out and have a weeknight family outing! It was fun! My 5th-grade cousin, Tobi, who lives in Odessa came to ATX for a UT volleyball camp. We decided to head down to campus and watch her scrimmage for a while. It sounds silly to say "head down to campus" but we live in North Austin and going downtown in rush hour traffic stinks. Luckily, traffic is WAY lighter in the summer vs. the school year, so it only took me about 30 minutes to get there. First we met at one of our favorite places to eat (and a favorite Austin place), Kerbey Lane. It's open 24 hours a day and they serve breakfast 24 hours a day! I got a veggie omelette and a short stack and Jeremy got migas. Quinn had her peas that I'd made last weekend, but I gave her a bite or two of pancake (sans syrup) and she loved it.

Mmmm, peas.

Cheeky grin.

"Gimme those pancakes!"

After dinner we headed over to the UT rec center to see Tobi. It was so fun to watch all those little girls play volleyball. I was SO impressed with their skills. I didn't know how to bump/set/spike until 9th grade! I remember even in 7th grade we would all yell "One, two, OVER." So funny.

Quinn LOVED watching all these little girls play. She loves watching kids in general but this was heaven for her...there were little girls playing with a volleyballs all over the place in a huge gym. She eventually got a little bored and started climbing all over us and blowing raspberries/giving Jeremy a spit shower.

We eventually met up with my Mimi and Aunt Kerri (Tobi's mom) who came to see her. Quinn had fun visiting with them and they were excited to see her.

We got home a little late (for Q) and she went to bed around 8:45pm. She was a little cranky going down but it wasn't too bad. All in all, our weeknight outing was a success! I don't think we will make it a habit by any means because I like keeping Q on a schedule, but it was nice to get out!
Quinn has a tendency to stare at other kids.

Sweet cousins.

Bored and climbing.

Watching and staring.

"Hi Mimi!"

Still staring.