Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Q is Seven Months!

Baby Quinn,

I really just want to hit the pause button right now and keep you at 7 months old for a while. What a fun age! You are so happy and bubbly and content. Everyone talks about what a great baby you are. They ask "is she always like this?" and I am proud to say, yes! You aren't mobile yet, so I am cherishing the days right now while we can put you down and you haven't gone far (other than scooting around a bit).

Here are some fun things that I love about 7 month Quinn:

YAY Quinn
You have started clapping and it's so precious to hear your little hands. You like it when we say "Yay Quinn!" and clap and you have even started to imitate us!

Food Fun
You are still eating cereal, fruits, veggies and puffs. We still nurse in the mornings and then you take four other bottles during the day and right before bed. You have been getting frustrated when we try to feed you because you would rather have puffs. I think you are getting a little independent and you want to grab something and feed yourself. We might have to try some baby-led weaning soon with soft food. Your favorite thing in the world are the apples I make for love the cinnamon.

High Chairs and Shopping Carts
It's so nice now that you can sit up because we can sit you in a high chair or a shopping cart and you love it!  You are so proud of yourself when you get to sit like a big girl. Sometimes I forget your shopping cart/high chair cover, but don't worry, I carry my Shaklee disinfectant wipes in the diaper bag!

You're a "Do-It-Yourselfer" at Home Depot!

 I got you a toy to play with at Target and you chose to chew on the cardboard. Awesome.

Having some Rudy's BBQ on Memorial Day.

 Enjoying a girl's lunch with Mama and Auntie Em at Corner Bakery.

More Teeth
You are the teething queen! You are getting more teeth. The bottom right tooth next to the front two (notice I have no idea what it's called) is coming in and there are three coming in on the top! You are such a trooper. Other than major drool, you have been pretty great about it. You have only had a couple of nights that you wake up, but you always put yourself back to sleep. You still love chewing on anything you can get your hands on and those little chompers are sharp when you grab our fingers!

First Swim
You got you get in the pool for the first time and Nannie Mae got to join us. You were excited to be in the biggest bath ever and you liked your little floatie! We are going to be spending a lot of time at our community pool!

Spinning Quinn
You haven't quite mastered crawling yet, but you can spin in a circle on your booty better than any baby I know. You just turn around and around trying to see everything. You also lunge forward to get toys, and you can reach pretty far by throwing one leg back. When we put you on your tummy, you army crawl backwards and you like being under and close to something that you can kick your feet on. The other day you found a frame I had taken off the wall that has Mama and Daddy's wedding photos. You found us and kept touching the photo of the two of us together. I almost cried because it was so sweet!

 You love Mama and Daddy!

You also love getting under things. You got your booty stuck!

Toys and Quinn's Quirks
Your favorite toys are: elephant blankie that you sleep with, any sort of small stuffed animal you can chew/suck on, Joyce the doll (you love chewing on her feet) and books. At school, that's your favorite thing to play with...of all the toys you are a smart girl going for the books! One quirky thing about you is that you don't like things to be out of order. We recently started stacking blocks and knocking them down to show you cause and effect. You are such a sweet upsets you so much. You don't even like it when we stack them. I have a feeling you will be one of those kids who organizes her toys. :)


Your First Fever
Last week you came down with your first true fever. We have been really lucky that you haven't gotten sick yet. Saturday and Sunday your fever was getting really high...around 104. It scared Mama so much that I couldn't sleep at night. Mama and Daddy even contemplated sleeping on the floor of your bedroom (silly first-time parents). We took you to the doctor but they couldn't find anything wrong so we just had to let it pass and call it a random virus. So, by the time you hit Kindergarten, you are going to have the best immune system ever! I decided that we are very blessed that you are such a healthy girl...Mama would be a basket case if anything serious happened to you.

 We had to give you cool baths to get your fever down.

Well, happy 7 month birthday baby Q! You are the coolest baby I know! 

I think you get your cool from your Mama, but don't tell Daddy I said that!



How cool is Quinn with her sun shades & hat?!?! I love the clapping video & appreciate your early Baylor influence (ha!). I always enjoy getting new ideas from you momma (ex Cinnamon w/the apples :) Such a cutie-patootie!!