Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Quinn's Dedication

The most important thing I want to pass on to Quinn is a strong faith in God and the importance of a relationship with Christ.  Jeremy and I center our marriage around our faith and I pray that Quinn will grow up understanding how amazing it is to let God have control of your life and surrender.

Last weekend we had the chance to dedicate our sweet baby to the Lord! Our church (Riverbend) is such an awesome place and we are so excited to see Quinn grow up there. It meant a lot to dedicate her there and have our church family pray over her and promise to be there as she grows in her relationship with God. 

Even better, Quinn's real family got to join in the dedication too! Everyone was there to support her and pray for her as we promised, as her parents, to raise her in a Godly home.

Jeremy and I are pretty close to our pastor, Dr. Haney, and it was so special to have him pray over Quinn and anoint her with oil. He said he is very proud of us and he loves us. What a beautiful way to start our sweet Quinn's spiritual journey. 

Here are a ton of photos from the special day. Enjoy!

Nannie Mae and Papa D
Great Grandmother Mimi and Pawpaw

Ahwo, Ahpo and Tylia

What is Pawpaw talking about?

Auntie Em, Aunt Abby and Uncle J

Dr. Haney praying over us and anointing Q with oil.

Q loved the sound of the congregation clapping! :)

My Mom in her Heaven with all her kids and grand baby.

Hottest Daddy ever!

Jeremy's Mom, Granny

Mama's hilarious!

Mimi actually smiled! Usually when we tell her to smile....

This is what happens!



The Houses

What a great day! Loved the pics. She gets cuter and cuter every day!