Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy Half Year B-Day Q!

Dearest Baby Quinn,

How in the world are you already six months old!? It seems like yesterday we were bringing you home, struggling with breastfeeding, praying for more sleep and dealing with Mama's crazy hormones. Now look at you! You sit up by yourself, you know exactly what to do when it's time to breastfeed and Mama's not a crazy person crying all the time anymore (just sometimes). :)

Here are some of my favorite things that have happened in the last month:

*Before I start, I just want to note how crazy it is that I have been nursing/pumping for six months. I remember driving to see a lactation consultant when you were not even a week old and having a conversation with Daddy about how it was just too hard and we should switch to formula (which would have been fine, but I'm glad I stuck with it). I remember once we got it down, I told my friends "I don't know if I will do this for a year or even six months!" It was just so painful and pumping was such a chore. Well, I am so glad I persevered. You do so well and I am so glad you are getting my immune system and all the other great things that come w/ my breastmilk. I never would have thought six months ago that I would be pumping enough to donate to the Milk Bank. God is good and I am so grateful I got to have the breastfeeding experience with you! Here's to another six months of pumping four times a day...I can do it!

We went to the doctor today and got your stats.

Height: 27 inches (90%)
Weight: 18 lbs. (85%)
Head: 44 cm.
Conclusion: Happy, healthy, sweetest baby girl ever!

A comparison

You love the paper on the table!

Veggies Are Our Friends
You mastered the art of eating cereal (oatmeal, rice and mixed grain which is your favorite) so we decided to try some other yummy food. Mama made you some green beans the first week and then we tried peas. You did pretty well! I think the consistency was a little hard to handle at first because there was a lot of gagging, but luckily, Miss Belkis at school knows all the tricks. She said to add a little cereal and breastmilk and magically you ate it right up! I think I will try carrots next and hold off on all the yummy sweet stuff. I actually tried a little baby led weaning and gave you a carrot, but I don't know if I will do that anymore because I was paranoid the whole time that you would choke. Mother of the Year, I know.


 Or not.

The slimy carrot kept slipping out of your hand!

Sitting Up Like a Big Girl!
You've got it! You can sit up like a champ and you love doing it. I rarely put you on the floor laying down anymore. You would much rather be up and see the world. I think since you mastered this so quickly, you aren't much of a roller. I see a lot of other babies rolling all over the floor, but you don't seem interested. You like to be sitting up and you lunge forward for toys a lot which tells me you might try to crawl soon. You actually have been scooting on your booty a little which makes me wonder if you will be a scooter like your Uncle J was!

 Sitting up on your changing table like a big girl!

Quinn the Muppet
You are hilarious most of the time! Daddy and I laugh at you a lot! The funniest thing you are doing lately is this funky grunt. It's like you do it and hear yourself and you love the sound so you just get louder and louder. It's not a grunt like you are leaving us a "blessing", as Miss Belkis calls it, in your diaper. It's just a little baby grunt. It reminds me a of a Muppet! Don't worry, you are way cuter than a Muppet and one day Mama will let you watch old Muppet movies.

Luckily, your family and friends keep buying you clothes because you are growing out of things really quickly. You can still squeeze into 6-month clothes, but we are about to have to move up to 9-month. I probably should have already switched you, but I think I am in denial. You are just at such a fun age and I don't want you to get bigger!

Touchy Feely
You are SO curious right now. I put you down somewhere, and you immediately start looking for something to grab. You love anything that is not your own toys. It's pretty funny how uninterested you act when you have the choice between your toy or something random like a burp cloth or Mama's purse straps. I love the way you move your hands and touch things with your little fingers. Even when we breastfeed, you have a hard time focusing because you want to look around and touch everything in site. Your feet are also very busy all the time. You move your sweet little foot in a circle a lot...even when we feed you bottles or breastfeed.

Open Mouth Kissing
You love to give us open mouth kisses on the cheek, shoulder, hand or just about anywhere. I think you mostly just want to eat anything in sight, but it's so fun when you attack us with your mouth! You are still teething on the bottom, so there is a lot of drool with your kisses. Yum!

 Love you Daddy!

Outside is the Best
You absolutely LOVE being outside. I planted some flowers in the front bed a few weeks ago, and I just sat you on a blanket in the yard while I planted. You were perfectly content just hanging out for about an hour or so. You love the feel of the grass and you like the sounds and especially the wind blowing. 

 Happy as can be!

Playing with Daddy outside.

Best News All Month!
Nannie Mae and Papa D are moving to Austin!! YAY! Mama can't wait to have her Mama around to play with you, love on you, teach you about Jesus, sing to you, bake for you, read to you, shop with you and generally spoil you rotten. I was lucky enough to grow up around both of my grandmothers and I am so glad you will have grandparents in Austin.

Nannie Mae and Papa D can't wait to be close to you!


The Houses

Ahhh - congrats! That is so great that Quinn will have her grandparents all within what, a 4-hour driving distance?! Great blog! And how do you make those cute photo cut-outs? :)