Friday, April 20, 2012

Good News and Bad News

Don't judge me but I gained 65 lbs. when I was preggo with Quinn.

About 10 of that was her and then there was some water in there, but geeze, that's a lot of weight. I am lucky I am tall or I would have looked even more "whale-ish" than I did!

Anyway, I am happy to say I am losing it pretty quickly. I wish I could say I am eating super-healthy and working out every day, but that's a big fat negative. Breastfeeding makes me ravenously hungry (like more than when I was preggo), and I get excited if I work out three times a week.

I only have 15 lbs. to go!

I can probably attribute a lot of this to the 500-700 extra calories I burn each day breastfeeding, but here's what else I have been trying to do to get back into the old jeans.
  • Workouts at lunch. I am lucky that my office brings in a boot camp on Wednesdays and Fridays so I can just run upstairs, get my butt kicked and then eat at my desk all sweaty. I also meet up with my good friend, Laurel, at 24 Hr. Fitness and she kicks my butt too. She's like a personal trainer because she always comes with a plan. I'm spoiled! 
  • Dessert only on the weekend. I know that sounds silly, but I freakin' love dessert and while I was preggo I ate it every day. I'm not gonna lie, I might have a piece or two of chocolate every day, but I don't sit down with a bowl of ice cream or eat a cupcake until the weekend. 
  • Lots of water. Like I sort of drown myself. But, that's really good while I'm breastfeeding too I guess. I make myself drink a 36oz. water bottle on the way to Q's school and work before I can have my coffee. Then, of course, I drink a lot of water throughout the day.
  • Taking care of a baby. I am convinced it's the best workout ever. Especially a spoiled baby who likes to be held all the time. Oh, and I live in a two-story house so there are stairs involved with the whole carry the baby thing. AND, I feel like a pack mule every day leaving for work with my five bags (purse, diaper bag, lunch bag, workout bag and pump bag) so I get a workout going to and from the car with all Q in the car seat.
So there ya go. I think I mostly just wanted to document this for myself so that maybe I can look back on it when I am 15 lbs. skinnier and wearing my old clothes. For now, I will continue to dig through my closet looking for "in between" outfits and try to keep on losing. Nine months on and nine months off.