Saturday, April 14, 2012

Quinn's Five Months Old!

Quinn officially turned five months old on Easter Sunday! How fun! I have already written a lot recently about her and her milestones, but I wanted to have an official five month blog post to compare to the others so here we go!

Dear Sweet Five Month Old Quinn,

You are growing so fast. It's kind of bittersweet because it's going so fast, but it's so good that you can do things now and be a little more independent. Here are some fun things that have happened this month.

Starting a New School
You started at your new and permanent school this month and we are absolutely in love with it! (Primrose at Four Points) You love your teachers and they love you and the whole school is awesome! Your morning teacher is a crazy, energetic Cuban woman named Miss Belkis. Each morning when we come in she says "Hola Quinn! Hola preciosa!" and you smile so big. She sings, talks really loudly and has more energy at 8am than anyone I've ever seen. You also love your afternoon teachers, especially Miss Helen. She is just out of college and she LOVES you too. You tend to laugh at her a lot. It's going to be so fun to see you grow up in a school with awesome curriculum, Christian principles and great teachers and directors.

First, you have started sort of holding your bottle. You get so excited about it that you just can't wait to grab it and put it in your mouth. We have to help more toward the end when you get sleepy though, but that's okay. Second, I think you are going to be an eater. We tried rice cereal and you loved it. You ate like you had been eating your whole life. You open wide for the spoon and you aren't too messy. I guess we will see what happens when we start other foods. I hope you aren't picky! We have started a little baby-led weaning where we give you big pieces of food to gnaw on and you like that. I mean, let's be will gnaw on anything right now.


On that note, your bottom two teeth have offcially made their presence known. The first week of teething was a little rough and you had a couple of rough nights, but other than that you are great. We use Orajel sometimes, and we are just getting used to the massive amount of drool that is all over everything.

Be careful Mama, I'll bite you! (This is when they first popped up.)

Popping out more and more!

Mmmm Feet
You found your feet and you can't get enough of them. You are so cute and now I know what the yoga instructor means when she says to do the "happy baby" on the floor. You love grabbing your feet, putting them in your mouth and rocking back and forth. You also like to explore with your feet. Last night, I put you on a blanket in the grass and your feet were curiously touching and feeling the grass. I love little baby toes!! I love them so much that I got some SUPER cute little sandals for you to wear this summer. Yup, still shopping too much for you.

 One of my favorite pics...I have this on pinned up on my cube at work! 

 The sandals I got for you! So freakin' cute!

Curious Girl
You are getting more and more curious. You grab for everything and you will play with pretty much anything. Your new favorite thing is a bag of chips. You love the crinkly noise it makes and it gives Mama and Daddy a good 15 minutes to eat! I will probably have to start wearing studs more since you stare at my earrings when I wear big ones. I can just see the wheels turning in your sweet little mind thinking "if I could just grab those, they would taste so good!" It seems like we set you down somewhere and you are just looking for something to grab. I even caught you trying to dig in my purse! Oh dear, it's already started. I wonder what it will be like when you are older wanting to know what's in my purse? Money to shop? :)

Oooo what's in there?

You kept grabbing for your spoon so I let you play with it and you kept gagging yourself.

Little Wiggly Worm
You have gotten so wiggly! I have a feeling you will only get wigglier as you grow but right now it's pretty funny. After bathtime, you get so excited because you know your bottle comes next. You squirm and squirm on your changing table and it's hard for me to give you your baby massage and get your diapers and pjs on! I have started calling you Squirmy the Wormy.

Other Random Things
-You still sleep really well, usually from about 8:15pm  - 7am. You have gotten so well at putting yourself to sleep, and you love sleeping on your side holding your elephant blankie.
-You got a new car! Well, it's used, but you still love it. It's sort of a walker, so pretty soon you will be all over the place in that thing. Your feet barely touch the floor now, but you will be driving soon.

 Watch out Austin...she's hittin' the roads!

-You are almost sitting up...sort of. You are really strong and you can sit for a couple of seconds, but you aren't quite there yet. I will be SO glad when you are because you are getting really heavy and I feel like you will be able to entertain yourself a little better when you can sit up. You still like to be carried around a lot. Oops, I guess I started that bad habit.

Sitting up for a couple of seconds.

You're trying really hard to sit up.

-You are wearing mostly 6 month clothes now. You have a few outfits that are 3-6 months that fit well too.
-We have started using the humidifier every night. I think you might have allergies a little (welcome to Austin) and I have to use the Nose Frida pretty much every day. Best. Invention. Ever.

Finally, the best news of the month...
Your Pawpaw moved close to Austin! We are so excited because your Pawpaw became the City Manager in Giddings and it's only about 45 miles away. We have already visited him twice and he's come to Austin a couple of times. Pawpaw is in love with his Baby Quinn and he is so excited to be closer. You love him too! You used to cry when he held you, but the last few times you just smile and laugh at him. I think you also like the way his whiskers feel on your face when he gives you kisses. YAY!

 Quinn and Pawpaw.