Sunday, April 8, 2012

He is Risen (But Quinn Has Not)

It's Easter morning and Quinn, who rarely naps during the day because she hates taking naps, has decided to take a nice long morning nap while the family sits on the couch all dressed up waiting to go to church. I guess we will go to the next service. :)

Happy Easter! It's one of my favorite holidays and I hope Quinn loves it more and more as she gets older! I remember going over to my Margaret's (my grandmother who Q is named after) every Easter for ham, grits and a big Easter egg hunt. The goal was to find the golden egg that had some major dough inside. I think it was like $20...big bucks for a kid. :)

Quinn had a great first Easter weekend! Good Friday Jeremy and I had to work, but I sent Quinn to school with treats for her teachers. They are so sweet and they love on her all day long, so I figure it's the least I can do! Quinn wore her bunny ears headband to school for the big Easter egg hunt. (I'm pretty sure the infant class probably just went outside and then came back in for nap time.)

Yummy treats!

Her Nannie Mae, Papa D, Autie Em and even Pawpaw came for a visit this weekend. Friday evening we got to hang out outside with Pawpaw for a while blowing bubbles and having fun. It has been so pretty in the evenings lately so we decided to eat at Torchy's with the whole family where they have great outdoor seating. Quinn couldn't get enough of the little girls who were running and playing in the grass. She was just staring and smiling.

Quinn staring at the little girls playing outside.

We had such a fun Saturday! Quinn got to try rice cereal for the first time. I couldn't believe how well she did. I expected a yucky face or at least some cereal coming back out of her mouth, but she loved it. She ate so well and after the second or third bite, she was a pro. I lifted the spoon to her mouth and she opened wide. She also kept trying to grab the spoon, so we will probably try some baby-led weaning soon. I think we have an eater on our hands and I can't wait to see her eat lots of other yummy food! excited about the cereal!

Mmmmmm, so good!

Here Mama, I can do it!

Saturday afternoon the girls went with me to get my hair done and shop on South Congress. We are starting Quinn early! Everyone who saw her went on and on about what a good baby she was. She was wide awake, happy, curious and just taking it all in. She liked Kendra Scott...all the pretty, colorful, sparkly jewelry was her favorite. (Hint, hint Jeremy.) :) Since we had eaten a heavy BBQ lunch, we decided sandwiches at home would be a perfect end to our day. Quinn was excited because after not really napping all day, she got to stay up later than normal to hang out outside again.

 Quinn will probably have beautiful black or brunette hair so she won't have to do this!

Auntie Em fed Q while they waited at the salon.

This place is awesome!

Growing girl!

Q loves her Nannie Mae!

Today we started the day by reading the story of Jesus' death and resurrection in Quinn's children's Bible. It's funny how they word things in those kid's favorite part of the story is when Jesus comes back to life and goes to the Upper Room to see his disciples. He eats while he's there and he's trying to convince the disciples he is really alive and not just a ghost. The book says:

"Delicious!" Jesus wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and grinned. "Can a ghost do that?" He winked and then they all laughed.

Jesus apparently wiping his mouth.

Quinn loves to read her Bible stories!

Since Quinn decided to nap this morning we had some extra time when she woke up for some photo opps...YAY! We are about to head to church to celebrate Jesus' resurrection and worship (after Q wakes up). Then, we are headed to Iron Cactus to gorge ourselves on a yummy brunch buffet. I have a feeling an afternoon nap might be in order. We will have to see if Little Miss Priss has the same idea. I have a feeling she will want to stay up all day and play. Oh dear! Oh well...Happy Easter!

 Quinn drowning in tulle!