Friday, March 23, 2012

This is How I Jam

Yup, I have become that mom that jams out to kid's music in the car. Luckily, we found the most amazing artist and I have to share her music with all of you Mamas and Daddies out there.

Music is such a huge part of my life. I grew up singing and playing the piano. I sang the national anthem at all my volleyball games throughout high school (I carried a pitch pipe in my volleyball dorky is that?!) and had singing gigs all the time. I majored in music, sang in a gospel choir at Baylor (BRH) and even directed it when I was in graduate school. I taught voice and piano when I first moved to Austin and sang in the Austin Civic Chorus for a while, but then life happened. I got a great job, got really involved in church and became a wife and mom.

I miss singing and since I've had Quinn I have rediscovered my love for it. I don't necessarily put on a show for Quinn, but I sing to her every day. A lot. Like I make up songs. A lot. "Putting on your dress, la, la, la, la." She probably thinks I'm crazy! :) Anyway...

Elizabeth Mitchell is the artist's name. You can read all about her here. She has been singing children's music since 1998 and right now I think she has four albums. I love her music so much. It's not cheesy and the songs are so sweet. My favorite album is Sunny Day and my favorite songs from that album are "Mr. Rabbit" and "Keep on the Sunny Side." BUT, I also love the album You Are My Sunshine and the songs "So Glad I'm Here" and "Ladybug Picnic."

One of the best things about the albums is that her kids sing with her sometimes. It's so dang cute! On her album You Are My Sunshine, there is a song called "Car, Car" and I sing it to Quinn when we put her in the car seat. She always smiles so big (but of course once we are in the car, it's all downhill). Anyway, in the middle of the song, a little girl says "a frog in the car?!" in the cutest voice you will ever hear!!

I hope all you Mamas and Daddies out there get a chance to download at least one of these albums and share them with your little one. Quinn loves them, and I find myself singing the songs in my head all day long. I CAN'T WAIT to hear Quinn sing along with me!

Here she is singing "Little Liza Jane". This one is great because Mama and Daddy can harmonize! :)



Molly! Cason and his mom danced to Elizabeth Mitchell's "You are my Sunshine" at our wedding. :) They play a lot of her stuff on the Pandora station "Children's Folk Songs" or "Family Folk Songs" can't remember the exact title :) Enjoy!


Thanks for sharing, Molly - we have been listening to and loving this!!