Sunday, March 18, 2012

Four Months and Growing Like Crazy

Oh Quinn,

You are growing up so fast! When you were a newborn (like the first month or so) I honestly wanted you to grow up just a little bit so we could get past the sleepless nights and crying all the time. I was ready for you to be a smiley happy baby and here we are! You can stop growing are at such a fun age! You aren't mobile yet, so I can just sit on the floor with you and talk, play and laugh. SO FUN! Here are some fun new things in your little 4-month old life.

Mama's a Shopaholic
Oh dear. I can't stop buying cute things for you! Daddy let me go to the outlets in Round Rock and spend a little money, but it's really silly. You can't wear things for very long before you outgrow them, but I just can't resist the urge to buy cute stuff. Girls are so fun! I can't wait for you to have hair so I can make and buy lots of fun ribbons and bows. Right now, I just buy headbands which has gotten out of control too.

A few impulse purchases.

We had our first NW Austin Momma's play date. It was super fun and we made a Valentine for Daddy and all your grandparents. You got to meet Harper, whose Daddy works with Mama at Volusion. I can't wait to have lots more playdates! We also got to have a dinner date with the Watsons so you could play with your "cousin", Declan. We had fun and we can't wait to see you and Declan running around together one day. I have a feeling you might be the boss. :) Finally, you got to meet Sarah! She came all the way from London to meet you! (Well, she came for work, but we will pretend it was just for you.) You gave her a serious lawyer face but you had fun while she held you and told you all about her world travels with David. One day they will move back to Austin and we can see them more often!

Your new friend, Harper.

 Uncle Brad, Aunt Jen and Declan...oddly enough you look like you could be Jen's baby!

 Smiley Sarah and serious Quinn.

Bottle Time
You are taking a bottle like a champ now! I was really worried about this since this month Mama went back to work and you went to daycare (school) full time. But, I started giving you a bottle once a day and then Daddy gave you the bottle at night so you finally got used to it. You take about 5-6oz. in the bottle and then of course we breastfeed the rest of the time. You like the Playtex Vent Air bottles which we found after trying EVERY other bottle out there. Hey, we now have a nice bottle collection we can loan if anyone needs to try a different type. 

I was afraid you wouldn't take a bottle from me, but you do!

Quinn Goes to Sunday School
You got to go to Sunday School for the first time this month. Mama was so nervous because a lot of babies are getting RSV right now, but you did so great. We only left you in there for about an hour, but we have been leaving you longer the last few Sundays and you love it. The teachers in there love you to death and it's fun that some of Mama's old coworkers at church get to play with you. Mrs. Connie and Mrs. Susan love seeing you on Sunday mornings. I can't wait for you to learn all kinds of Bible stories and songs about Jesus!

I love your cheeky grin for your first day in Sunday School. 

You even let us eat lunch after church!

You Rolled Over
You make us laugh all the time but rolling over has been really funny! You hate being on your tummy so you pretty much immediately try to find a way off of it. Rolling from your tummy to your back is your new favorite thing. You can go both ways and you are always so proud of yourself when you do it. You made us laugh so hard when you first figured it out because you looked like you were trying to fly like Superman or do some sort of yoga pose. You put your arms straight back and lifted up your tummy and legs. So funny! But, you finally got it!

Super Q!

Rolling over like a big girl!

Quinn Goes to School
Well, Mama started back to work this month and you have done so well at school. You are temporarily at Tutor Time, right up the road from our house and then you start at Primrose on March 26. All the teachers love you and you like going to school. You won't sleep in your crib at school, so you take long naps in a swing. I guess I would rather you sleep in a swing than not sleep at all. Hopefully, you will start sleeping in the crib at school soon. 

Spoiled Girl
We have definitely spoiled you! You still love to be held and you want to be up high with the grownups so you don't miss anything. Sometimes we can put you in the bouncer while we eat, but a lot of times we end up holding you or just putting you in the Bumbo on the table with us. Hey, that's okay! You won't be little for very long so I have to cherish the time I can hold you (and pray my back can take it)! 

 Having coffee and cereal with Daddy.

You don't want to miss out on the action while Mama gets dressed.

 Daddy holding you because you didn't want to be in the bouncer.

Holding you while you sleep will never, ever, ever get old.

A Few Other Things
Here are a few other things about this month that are fun!
-You are still the spit-up Queen and now we have added drool to the mix. We keep a bib on you at all times. 
-You still sleep really well at night (about 11 hours) and if you wake up in the middle of the night, you put yourself back to sleep really well.
-You love being outside. If you are freaking out and fussy, I can walk outside with you and you will chill out. You love looking at the trees in the back yard.
-I wrote a whole blog about it, but you traveled SO WELL for Uncle Justin and Aunt Abby's wedding. I was so proud of you!!
-You are still laughing a lot at Mama and Daddy. Your favorite is when we gasp like we are surprised. It cracks you up every time! 
-Unfortunately, you still are not a fan of the car seat. I think you hate being strapped down. You like the little toys we hang on the car seat handle, but you get bored with them pretty quickly and then you either sleep or cry. I hope you start liking it soon or road trips this summer might be pretty rough.
-You still grab for things and you want to put EVERYTHING in your mouth. You do this sort of "dive with your mouth" thing and act like you are going to take a bite out of everything in site including Mama's cheek or shoulder. Daddy tends to wear the "badge of honor" on his shoulder a lot...a big drool or spit-up spot.

Your Stats
-You weigh 14lb 8oz
-You are 25.75 inches long
-You are wearing 3-6 month or 6 month clothes
-You have a long skinny torso and chubby arms, legs and of course cheeks!

Happy 4-month birthday sweet girl! Mama and Daddy fall more and more in love with you every day! 





Oh my - she is growing like a champ and getting more adorable every day (how is that even possible?!!). I love seeing these posts from you, Molly! They make me SmILe!