Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bluebonnet Baby

I love living in Central Texas for a lot of reasons, but spring is one of my faves (let's forget about allergies for the moment). Wildflowers are in full bloom and the Texas bluebonnets are taking over along all the highways, in random fields and even in some folks' yards! So, just like every other Mama out there, I had to get some photos of Quinn with the bluebonnets. What good Texas Mama wouldn't, right?!

We went out twice today to see if we could A) catch Q in a good mood and B) try different lighting. Option B worked the best, but I have included photos from both "shoots". :)  Quinn was cracking us up! It took forever to get her to even look up at us because she was mesmerized by the flowers. She just kept staring at them and trying to grab them. Such a sweet Texas girl! Oh, on a sidenote, we made sure to get one lonely little Indan Blanket (the red and yellow flower) in some of the shots in honor of Quinn's heritage. Yes, I know the names of most all the wildflowers because of a project I did in 9th grade...thanks Mrs. Nieland!


Ohhhh, what are these?!

Easter is just around the corner!

It is WAY too bright out here you guys.

These bluebonnets are hilarious!

Must eat bluebonnets.

I will pose once...this is it, so you better get your picture now!

Ohhh, so pretty.

Wait. There's a big bunny who will put things in this basket?

I can't wait for Easter!

Are we done yet?

Ahhh, Mama should have showered and gotten dressed today. Oh well!

 Here's my Daddy! I love him and I am his mini-me!


The Houses

Ahaha I love your captions! You should get one of our friends to take some family photos out there too!