Monday, November 5, 2012

Pumpkin Patch and Fall Festivals

I love the fall! It is absolutely my favorite time of year (hence the early decorating from my previous post). Having a sweet baby to share this season with is even better! Jeremy and have had so much fun at all the pre-Halloween and Thanksgiving festivities. Here are a few!

Riverbend Riverfest (my church's fall festival)
I don't know what I was thinking. I decided to take Quinn to this event really last minute. I left the house that morning thinking we weren't going and then decided to take her after work. I really just wanted her to see the petting zoo. Jeremy was teaching his class that night so I picked her up from school and headed straight to the event. We literally went in, went to the petting zoo and left about 45 minutes later. I think poor Quinn was the only child that wasn't dressed up, but I didn't care. It was too hot for a costume and most of the kids were shedding their Batmans, pumpkins and princesses anyway. I love making memories with Quinn and that's all that matters.

Canyon Creek Fall Festival (our neighborhood)
Quinn wasn't feeling too hot on the day of this festival but we walked up there anyway. We walked around a bit and took part in some arts and crafts activities. Quinn does a lot of artwork at school so she was used to the markers, glue and pipe cleaners. She made an awesome alien mask...she's so talented! :)

Quinn thinks Mama is crazy! 

Pumpkin Patch at Red Barn
I have been looking forward to the obligatory pumpkin patch photos for about three months now. I even commissioned my mom to make a precious skirt and onesie for the occasion! As luck would have it, Quinn had yet another cold so she was not in a good mood at all and her little eyes didn't have the normal sparkle. Plus, we had to go at around noon on a Sunday so the lighting was terrible. BUT, you know what? We took our dang pumpkin patch photos and Quinn looked cute even with her cold!