Sunday, November 18, 2012


Quinn Margaret,

How in the world are you already one year old!? I can't believe you have already gone from this:

to this:

I feel like you have grown up so much in the last month! Here are some things you have been doing lately as you start to become a precious little stubborn toddler. :)

Breastfeeding Marathon - DONE!
That sounds a little crass, but this is a big deal. This month we have weaned a lot. We started feeding you breakfast in the morning and putting your milk in a sippy cup so one day I just stopped our morning nursing. I'm not gonna lie, I cried, but it was time. I could tell you weren't getting a whole lot of milk and that you were just enjoying the nursing aspect. As much as I wanted to keep that special bond between us, I knew it was time to let go...for both of us. I have completely stopped pumping and I can no longer compare myself to a cow. I can't believe we did this for a whole year. When we first went through the breastfeeding challenge I honestly didn't know if I would make it three months.

Walking (still not yet)
Well, you are just the most cautious baby I've ever seen. You are very careful about where you step, what you touch and how dirty you get. I think this has contributed to you not walking yet. You do okay holding on to something or holding our hand, but the minute we let go you squat down. You are about to break my back, so I hope you walk soon, but then again, that makes you more grown up and I get sad thinking about that.

Diva Fits
You have started to realize that if you cry you can get your way (which is usually you wanting me to hold you). You are make this sad, not-so-pretty face and whine a little. There are no tears and it's definitely a fake cry, but you could win an Oscar. You also have the throw yourself on the floor fit down. When I put you down on the floor, you get on your tummy, bury your head and start to fake cry. I can usually redirect you and you move on, but it's pretty dang funny. I find myself saying "Well that was dramatic!" a lot lately!

School Promotion
You officially moved up at school! You are in the Young Toddlers class now and you are doing so well. You have been crying when I drop you off, but I think a lot of that is just your new clingy stage. I think the most exciting and shocking thing about your promotion is that fact that you actually take a nap at school. I literally questioned the teacher because I couldn't believe it! I think going outside twice a day and having the lights dimmed with music playing helps. I'm so proud of you! I wish I could be a fly on the wall watching you play with your friends all day. Pretty soon, your best friend Kelly will move up too!

Sign Language
Suddenly you are VERY good at your sign language! You say "more", "please", and "milk" very well. It is just the cutest thing ever! We are trying to teach you more words, but you have done a great job...such a smart girl!

Talking and Learning
You are doing such a good job learning! You can tell me where my eyes are, play peek-a-boo, show me your shoes, point to a tree, say no no to Ella, blow kisses, play pat-a-cake, dance on cue and so much more. It's absolutely amazing to see your little mind work and retain information. Of course books are still your most favorite thing in the whole wide world, but you are starting to love other things too. You give love to your stuffed animals by patting them and saying "ohhhh." When you read books, you can pick things out like a cat and you have even starting making a cat "meow" sound. Sweet, sweet girl! The funniest thing you do lately is babble like crazy. It's like you have something very important to say and you are trying to get me to understand. Last night, it seemed like you had a particular book you wanted me to read, but I honestly have no idea what you were saying. It was hilarious!

I can always find you in a corner reading books.
Sleeping and Eating
You still sleep very well at night but it seems like you are getting tired earlier. I think you wear yourself out during the day. Since we don't take a bottle before bed anymore, we give you a bath, lather you up in lotion, brush your hair and then read you a few books. I really miss giving you a bottle because that was our quiet time together when I could sing to you. Now, you just want to read books and if I try to just sit and rock, you get fussy. Hopefully one day, we can just sit and rock while I sing to you. I think you would rather read a book than do anything in the world. So, usually after a few books, I take you to your room, give you lots of hugs and kisses and just put you in bed. You grab your Mr. Elephant blanket, roll around for a bit and go to sleep.

You are eating SO well! We are using up all the frozen breast milk and we introduced you to whole cow's milk as well. You spit it out at first, but I think you are getting used to it. It seems so weird that you are drinking something we bought at the store. We have been spoiled not having to buy formula! You like to eat pretty much anything but it seems like avocado, chicken, bananas and Cheerios are your faves right now. I'm so glad you are not a picky eater (knock on wood).

Avocado explosion.
Daddy's Mini-Me
Well, you still look pretty much exactly like Daddy. Some people say you look like me when you smile, but I always tell them they don't have to be nice. :) You are starting to get more dark hair and you have a pretty good mullet going! You also still just have the eight teeth, but I have a feeling you are getting another. It seems like you change so much, so quickly, but you do still look like Daddy. Good thing he's a very attractive person! Haha!

Happy One Year Birthday Baby Girl!! We love you so much and it's amazing how much you have changed our lives for the better. Thank you for bringing us so much joy!

Mama and Daddy