Sunday, November 18, 2012

BU Homecoming 2012

Quinn got to experience her first Baylor Homecoming a few weekends ago. I hope she will continue to go to these for the rest of her life...even after she attends college there. (Must start brainwashing now!)

We got there Friday evening and went straight to Singspiration, the worship service led by the alumni and current members of BRH. BRH is the gospel choir I was in during college and directed during grad school. I miss those days so much sometimes. It's so fun to see some of my fellow members at homecoming and at the end of the evening we all go up and sing a couple of songs together. This was the first time Quinn had seen a choir and she was pretty mesmerized. She even started directing at one looked like she saw the choir director and copied him! Sooooooo dang cute!

Saturday morning we ate at our hotel and headed out to the Baylor campus to catch the parade. We thought we were late, but little did we know one of the floats got stuck under a bridge so it was WAY late. We waited around forever and tried to entertain Quinn w/ balloons. The floats finally started coming and I realized we would need to leave early. Honestly, the parade has gotten kind of out of control with the number of "floats". I mean, there was a Waco Transit bus driving in the parade. That's not a float people. That's a bus. What kid standing on the side of the street wants to see a bus? They want to see fun, colorful floats or marching bands!

Anyway, we gave up on the parade and walked around campus for a while taking photos in front of Pat Neff with the traditional yellow mums.

After our campus walk, we headed to lunch at Uncle Dan's BBQ. This is one of my favorite places in Waco. It's greasy, heavy and yummy! I always get the Texas Tator (a baked potato w/ chopped beef, sour cream, onions and cheese...I always have them hold the that makes a difference). We got to eat w/ one of my best friends, Anne. She and I met and became very close during our time with Baylor in Great Britain. I love seeing her and catching up!

After lunch we headed to the hotel to let Q take a quick nap before going to the football game. She was out in just a couple of minutes after her busy morning!

The football game was lots of fun. We made it until halftime and then left. Quinn had fun clapping with the band, eating sno cones and Lemon Chills and people watching. Of course she took a break at one point to read a book. Always the studious girl! We even had fun trying to teach her the "Heeeeeeeyyy, Sic 'Em Bears!" cheer.

Sweet new panoramic feature on the iPhone.

The Baylor Bear and his Homecoming Queen.

Quinn was over her headband.
After that we went to the Baylor bookstore to see what we could find. I got Quinn two books about Baylor and myself a long sleeve t-shirt. We took Quinn into the SUB for a bit and took some photos and then headed out for dinner.

After a quick dinner, Jeremy took Quinn to the hotel and my mom, Dennis and I went to Waco Hall to see Emily perform in Pigskin Revue. This is one of my favorite traditions at Homecoming. It's a big song and dance-type show put on by some of the fraternities and sororities and Emily and her friend Erin had a duet in the Pi Phi act. It was a take on Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter's tea party. SO CUTE!

On Sunday, we slept a little bit late (sort of...the time changed so we were all thrown off). We ate breakfast and hung out for a while in the lobby of the hotel chatting with my cousin Austin and his wife Amber. Austin and I got to be pretty close while we were at Baylor together and we love sharing the tradition of being a 5th generation bear. Hopefully Quinn will carry on the tradition!

Sic 'Em Bears!


The Houses

So is Jeremy trying to brainwash Q to go to UT? Poor girl... she's going to be so torn! Either way, she'll get a great education and have lots of traditions like this to look forward to!