Monday, January 30, 2012

If Quinn Could Understand English...

I talk to Q a lot. She talks back sometimes which is always pretty funny and cute. It's like she knows exactly what she's saying and she wishes so badly I understood her. Well, there have been a lot of moments when I wish she understood me too. Here are some things I wish Quinn could understand when I tell her...
  • Mama and Daddy love you very much!
  • It's okay to take a nap. I promise you aren't going to miss anything outside your room. In fact, your parents are pretty boring. 
  • On that note, I love our cuddle time together when I spoil you and let you sleep on my shoulder. Can we do that until you are like 5 years old?
 I love these times together!
  • The car is a fun place to be! You have lots of fun options in the car: look out the window, play with your friends that hang down or even go to sleep. There is no reason to cry in the car. One day, you will want to drive a car all by yourself and I will remind you of the days when you hated the car.
  • The whole fussy from 5:30-8:00 thing is getting old. Don't you know this is one of the greatest times of the day?! Daddy gets home, we get to eat dinner and best of all, Wheel of Fortune is on! I will be glad when you are over that little phase!
  • You have the best smile EVER! You smile with your whole body and it melts my heart every time. One thing: when I am trying to take photos, can you freeze for a couple of seconds? It's hard to take pictures when you are moving every part of your body in a smile. :)
 Best Smile Ever!

You smile with your whole body!
  • You are so lucky to have the best Daddy in the world! He's very handsome, smart, loving, hard-working and funny. 
 Best Daddy ever!
  • I promise laying on your tummy is not that bad. You will get stronger and stronger and then one day you will be able to get on your back or your tummy all by yourself! For the time being, just be patient with Mama while she makes you do your exercises. 
 Tummy time with all your friends.
  • Thank you for sleeping so well at night! Mama and Daddy are so spoiled that you sleep for 10+ hours every night. You are such a good girl with your night time routine! 
  • I promise I won't starve you and I am sorry for laughing when you get so impatient at feeding time. When we sit in the rocker and you start your little quasi-fit, it's hard not to laugh. You act like you haven't eaten in three days. I'm also sorry for laughing when you throw your little fit when I burp you. You HATE having to stop in the middle of eating to burp. I promise it will make you feel better, so just chill out and enjoy your milk slowly. It's not going away and Mama will always make sure you get enough. 
 "I hate burping!"
  • You are so lucky to have so many people who love you! (family and friends)
  • I'm sorry I won't let you watch tv. It will overstimulate you, and books are way more fun! 
Maybe one day you will be a book nerd like Mama and Daddy!
  • How in the world did you get poop on your tummy?
One day when Q understands what I am saying she might think I am I guess for now, I should enjoy talking to her while she can't talk back. :) 

I imagine this will be Q's face when she understands me one day!
"What did you just say, Mama?!"



Very cute..


Molly - I WANT to eat those cheeks up...seriously!!! And heads up, Harper is already growing out of sleeping on my shoulder (heart breaking!!) I pray that Baby Q gives you SO MUCH more of that time. And pooping on the tummy made me LOL because I can ToTaLLy relate. Glad to see you guys doing so good! One day soon, we must introduce those girls ;)