Saturday, January 21, 2012

Quinn Meets More Family

Last weekend we got the chance to go to Humble and Livingston to visit Jeremy's family. His mom lives in Humble so we stayed there with her and made the short trip to Livingston on Saturday and Monday.

Saturday we spent the day at the Indian reservation. For those of you who don't know, Jeremy is half white and half Native American. He comes from the Alabama-Coushatta tribe that is in Livingston. His grandfather (Ahwo in their language) is the chief of the tribe and he is such a cute man. They call him "Smiley" because he's always so happy. Quinn got to meet her great grandparents, her uncle Josh and tons of cousins.

Quinn with Ahwo Smiley.

Quinn meeting Ahpo Ethelyn and one of her cousins.

Quinn with her Ahpo Fern.

Quinn meeting her great Aunt Hilda.

The reservation is a unique place. There are kids running around everywhere and it seems like everyone knows everyone else. Jeremy's family is loved by everyone, so people tend to just show up and make themselves at home. I think they are all there for the food! :) Belinda, Jeremy's stepmom, makes amazing Indian Tacos. It's basically a taco salad with Indian Fry bread as the base. YUM!

Indian Tacos.

Sunday was a day of relaxing. We spent the day at Renae's house and Jeremy's brother and sister were there with their kids. Renae made her famous fried chicken and we had fun watching our niece, Lily, play and talk up a storm. She is a little over a year old and she has her own little language. It's precious! Jeremy spent the afternoon outside with our nephews, Jaden and Kameron, playing football and being a good uncle.

Renae with her kids and grandkids.

Quinn loves her Granny!

 Jaden and Kameron...sweet brothers.

Monday was lots more fun in Livingston. Jeremy's aunt Debra and Uncle Allen live on a ranch outside town so Quinn got to meet her first horse. Don't worry...we didn't ride! She also got to meet her Granny Great for the first time. She was laughing it up with Granny Great!
 Quinn meets her first horse!

Laughing at Granny Great!

Sleepy girl with Great Aunt Debra.

Four generations: Wanda, Renae, Jeremy and Quinn.

Silly girl loving the farm!

Quinn also got to meet more cousins. Jeremy's cousin, Rachel, has two precious kiddos (Alexis and Briley) and they had fun getting to know Quinn.

Alexis, Briley and Rachel hanging out with Jeremy.

We had a great extended weekend, but it was nice to get home. Home means so much more now that we have a baby. It's our safe place and where we are so very comfortable. It was nice to get back to 9 hour sleep stretches with Quinn, and as always, our Tempurpedic. :)