Saturday, February 11, 2012

Three Month Baby Q

Dear Sweet Baby Girl,

My goodness, I can't believe it! You are three months old! It's weird to think back to your newborn days and see how far we have all come. That first two months seem like sort of a fog, and the last month has been fun to come out of the fog and try to get into a normal family routine.

Here are some of my favorite things about three month old sweet Baby Quinn:

-SLEEP! I really hesitate to put this on my blog because I feel like it's going to jinx us, but you have been sleeping really well since around two months. We didn't really do anything special, you just randomly decided to start sleeping longer. During Christmas, you started sleeping five hour stretches and that was awesome, but then suddenly it was a magical 10 hours. You still sleep from about 9:00pm-7:00am almost every night. I can't begin to tell you how awesome this is and I am so proud of you. I am sure a lot of it has to do with 1)The fact that you are a bigger baby and 2) The start of our bed time routine. Whatever it is, I praise the dear Lord for sleep and pray that you don't have any sleep regression as you grow.

 This wasn't taken at night, but it's pretty dang cute.

 You love our bedtime routine...especially bath time!

-SMILES and LAUGHS! You smile a lot when you're in a good mood. There are certain things that Daddy and I can do to make you smile and it's funny how you are picky about what makes you smile each day. One day it's me talking jibberish to you in a lower voice, the next day it's me saying "Mama" and "Dadda" over and over. Yesterday, you laughed out loud at me when I was saying "Yaaayy Quinn!" and clapping your hands together. LOVE IT!! You also smile w/ your whole body. You wrinkle your nose, throw your arms and legs around and tilt your neck back. It makes photo opps a little tricky, but I can't complain with such a happy girl.

Smiling with your whole body.

You did NOT want to go to sleep one day, and you were just laughing it up!

-DADDY FACE! As if you don't already look exactly like your Daddy, you have started to make some if his facial expressions. The one that cracks me up the most is what I call Daddy's "Lawyer Face." It's a very serious face and you have got it down. You better watch out though, because I have a feeling Daddy's "Lawyer Face" will come out when you are being a naughty girl one day and he needs to discipline you with just a look. What?! You will never be naughty, right?

So serious.

Serious Q and Serious Daddy.

-SMART GIRL! You are becoming very observant lately. You found your hands a while back and now you are sucking on them, staring at them, moving them around and figuring out you can touch things. This week you actually grabbed a toy hanging above you! You also love looking at your mobile and talking to your "friends." The funniest thing is that you have found your feet and you are mesmerized. I was trying to take a picture of you the other day, but you couldn't take your eyes off the shoes I put on your cute little feet. So funny! Uh already love shoes! You have also started to move your legs in a crawling motion. You still hate tummy time and when we put you down you move your little legs like crazy until you push yourself on your head. It's pretty funny! (see video below)

Trying so hard to use your legs!

"OMG, these shoes are fabulous!"

"I am so trendy in my pink boots!"

You got if you could just get it to your mouth.

You love your mobile friends!

-INDEPENDENCE! You are starting to become more and more independent. We can put you on the floor or sit you in the Bumbo chair and you are fine for a while. Your neck is really strong so you love to look around and see things from different perspectives. You get bored pretty easily, so we have to move you or give you something else to look at, but you do pretty well. I can leave you in your crib for a good 20 minutes while you look at your mobile! The only place you hate is the car. In the car you are either crying or sleeping. I think you might be getting a little better about it with your "Sing to Your Baby" CD, but it's still your least favorite place. When we go out to eat, Mama or Daddy usually end up holding you so you can be up at the table with us joining in the conversation. We have decided we should start taking the Bumbo chair to restaurants and just putting you up on the table!

 "OOOO look at my hand!"

"Oh, hello little friends!"

 "I hate the car! Get me outta here!"

Sitting at a restaurant with Mama, perfectly content since you are out of the car seat!

-EW GROSS! You love it when I say always gets big smiles. This isn't necessarily one of my favorite things, but you are still the spit up queen. I am pretty sure every square inch of carpet in our upstairs living room is covered in spit up and the glider is pretty gross too. Confession: when you spit up on the hardwoods or tile, I call Ella to clean it up. I gross, but so much easier. Ella loves it so it's win-win, right? I think we are just going to have to keep a bib on you all the time now. The good news is that it's just spit up and the reflux has gotten so much better. You spit up and go on w/ your day instead of crying like before. 

Ew gross! You spit up during tummy time and rubbed your face all in it!

So, happy three month birthday! You are 1/4 of the way to one year...whoa that's crazy! Mama and Daddy love you very much!




She is getting so big & strong Molly and what a beautiful laugh!!! Also, how awesome that she has such a great sleep schedule...good job Baby Quinn!!! (Now, can she come teach Harper how to do that?...haha ;) Love your updates as always!

The Houses

Wow - that three months flew by! I can't wait to meet you soon, Quinn! And Molly, what kind of video camera are you using? It's great quality!


Her pictures and videos make me laugh. I love the way she laughs and her smile is infectious!