Sunday, November 6, 2011

In One Day...

We will have a Baby Quinn! YAY!! I can't believe it's finally here and I get to meet this little wiggler inside my belly! Here's the scoop...the doctor knows Quinn is going to be a pretty big girl (they thought she was already 8.9lbs. at 36 weeks) so we expect a 10lb. baby. I really wasn't that surprised since I was a big baby, but we will see what really happens. I honestly don't think she will be that big. I'm going on record guessing she will be 9.2lbs. and 21 inches long. :) Anyway, because of her size, the doctor recommended a c-section for the safety of baby and mama. I am totally okay with that and kind of like the thought of having something scheduled. Plus, I haven't progressed at all (not dilated and she hasn't even dropped). So, on Tuesday morning we will meet our baby girl!

I keep thinking about what happens in one day. Here's what goes through my head:

In one day the mystery of what Quinn looks like will be revealed.
In one day I fully expect to feel a spiritual high of overwhelming blessings.
In one day I won't be pregnant anymore.
In one day I will be able to breath and not take two Zantac a day.
In one day I will weigh a lot less (fingers crossed).
In one day I will have an incision that will turn into a scar I will wear proudly as a mama.
In one day I will be responsible for another person's life.
In one day my love for Quinn will be so much more tangible.
In one day Jeremy and I will grow closer as a couple as we fall in love with who we created.
In one day I have to start thinking about losing weight (bleh).
In one day I can eat Mexican food again!
In one day someone will depend on me.
In one day I get to start playing dress-up w/ my little doll!
In one day selfishness goes out the window (and I am definitely okay w/ that).
In one day I get to sing to Quinn and see her reactions.
In one day I am going to have to learn how to sleep in spurts.
In one day Ella will have to get used to another "baby" in the house.
In one day we get to start making our own Molly Ann/Jeremy/Quinn traditions.
In one day baby picture-palooza begins.
In one day I have to learn how to breastfeed (and pray it goes smoothly).
In one day I will know what unconditional parent-love feels like.

There's so much more that goes through my head (like when I wake up in the middle of the night and just lie there) but I will spare you. BUT, stay tuned....Quinn will make her blog debut soon!


The Houses

Ahhh! I can't believe Quinn will be here tomorrow! I am so excited/anxious... so I can't imagine how you and Jeremy feel!! I had a dream last night that I was there in the hospital visiting Quinn and she was blonde! ;) Can't wait to see pics!


Beautiful thoughts. I'm glad I came to fb today and then to your blog. It's a great feeling as a great-aunt to know that Quinn is so loved and will be well cared for through out her life. You and Jeremy are truly blessed. Love and prayers for the three of you. Aunt Theresa


I went through the same thought process when Z was born. To recover from the c-section faster, load up on fiber and iron today. Eat a big fat steak and lots of broccoli! I didn't for my first, did for my 2nd and it was a huge difference!