Thursday, May 24, 2012

Veggie Tales

For the past three weeks Jeremy and I have been trying to do a vegetarian diet. His cholesterol numbers were a little high at his last two checkups, so the doctor wanted to see if it was from diet or just unfortunate genes. (I have a feeling it's the genes since he runs all the time and we eat pretty healthy anyway.)

Anyway, it has been kind of fun to get creative with dinners and try new things. Some of it has been kind of boring and we just eat for the sake of eating, but a lot of it has been yummy! It's also been good for the whole "lose baby weight" adventure. The only thing we have to watch out for is cheese and carbs. A lot of recipes have pasta and lots of cheesy yumminess! But, I have  been careful to keep it mostly veggies, and quinoa is my new best friend.

Here are some of the recipes I've made so far that have been really good!

Black Pepper Fettucini with Cashew Chardonay Sauce and Grilled Asparagus
*This sauce was amazing! Who knew pureed cashews and wine could make such a yummy "creamy" sauce?!

*This is our favorite so far! So yummy and fresh! I used whole wheat tortillas.

*This made a lot more stuffing than I had zucchini, so I ate the stuffing for lunch the next day with a salad. It was really good...even cold!

*We loved this, but I think we would have liked it better stuffed in bell peppers.

*Jeremy actually made this one. He didn't think it turned out so great, but I thought they were good. I do think they would be better sort of "fried" in a pan w/ olive oil rather than baked.

*This is sort of a staple of Jeremy's diet especially at lunch. It's easy to throw together and thanks to the huge pecan tree that was in my Mom and Dennis' backyard in Odessa, we have enough pecans to last through 2015.



Yum, yum sand YUM! Looks like your veggie plan is going well!! I want to try the stuffed tomatoes...sounded and looked so tasty! I'm excited you found so many good may have inspired me to out this for a month! Keep the recipes coming! :-)


I will definitely be trying the cashew / wine sauce this! And the stuffed zucchini - keep sharing the good veggie ideas please!