Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Here are some fun things we have been doing lately!

Quinn has been busting out of her swaddle blanket at night so we have decided it's time to try sleeping without the swaddle. We have gone two nights now without it, and baby girl has done so well! It takes a bit longer to get to sleep but once she is there, she sleeps just like normal...about 10 hours. Naps are a little different...she can't seem to nap without the swaddle. Let's be honest, she has never been a good napper anyway, so taking the swaddle away was a bit much. :) Making changes like this is always a little hard because it's such a huge change for a little baby who is just learning, but this is one of many little learning bumps we will have to get through!

Little Houdini Quinn!

"I'll eat anything!" That's what I think Quinn says now. She has gotten to the stage where she tries to put everything in her mouth. Her hands, the burp cloth, her binky bear, toys, etc. It's funny because she acts like she is starving and will literally eat her hand off the way she quickly brings it to her mouth. We gave her the Sophie giraffe a while back (which looks and sounds like a dog toy, but has some magical baby powers) and she loves it. The way she looks at something and intentionally grabs it with both hands is so cute!!

Quinn and Sophie

Eating her toy that I call a "pentapus".

Quinn trying to eat her new baby Bible. 

Oh no she found her headband!! I have been putting headbands on Quinn since she was tiny so she will be used to them, and hopefully they won't bother her. Last week her little curious, wondering hands found her headband and she made me laugh so hard trying to get it to her mouth. 

"I got it!"

Well, Ella is starting to warm up to Quinn and we have spit-up to thank for that. Ella has learned what it sounds like when Quinn spits up and she comes running. It's actually pretty gross, but she loves it. She isn't jumpy around Quinn anymore and she loves licking her face and hands. Dumb dog! But hey, I can always count on her to clean up spit up when Quinn gets it all over the floor. Gross, right? Anyway, I hope they will be best friends one day. 

"Hi Ella!"

We put Quinn in the nursery at church for the first time last Sunday. I was so anxious about it (going back to work will be torturous), but we all did well. She poked her lip out and started crying right before we left her, so of course I started crying. Jeremy said "It's best to just walk away." We went to our Sunday School class and picked her up an hour and a half later. Hey, small steps!

YAY, our first trip to Sunday School!

HAHA! I think Q's "daddy lawyer face" shows how I was feeling!

We are headed to Deer Valley this week for my brother's wedding! We are so excited to get to the mountains and anxious to travel for the first time with a baby. Quinn will be great and she will get SO spoiled at the wedding with all the family there who will want to love on her. And, let's be honest, I can't wait to dress Q up in her snow bunny outfits! Stay tuned for a post about the wedding with our little snow baby! 


Linda Smith

I love reading your blogs. Quinn just makes me smile cause she's so darn cute! You and Jeremy are awesome!!!!!