Sunday, October 2, 2011

Showered By Our Austin Family

Austin Couples Shower

I think I have been looking forward to this shower since the day I found out I was pregnant. I just knew my friends here would go all out and spoil us, and I love being around my Austin Family. We are very close to a handful of couples that we go to church with, and they made us feel so special last weekend. I love them all dearly and I can't imagine our life in Austin without them. (That's a hint that none of you can move away! Got it!?)

The shower was at Allison and Jordan's new house in Steiner Ranch (which thankfully was not affected by the wildfires). Jordan is sort of a technology and football junkie, so he has a sweet dude set-up on his covered patio complete w/ misters and a television. That's where most of the guys spent their time at the shower...drinking beer and watching football. I was totally fine with this, and glad they had a place to get away from all the girly talk, ruffles and pink punch.

I think the best way to describe the fun at the shower is to show pictures! So…enjoy!

How cute are these decorations!?
Quinn's diaper girlfriends are so creative!
All the couples who hosted the shower...they rock! They will definitely be Quinn's adopted aunts and uncles (and their kids, her cousins) here in Austin.

Mom, Dennis and Emily got to come.

 Jeremy's sweet Mom, Renae.

 Jeremy's Dad, step mom, Belinda, and sister Tylia.

Sweet friends, Crystal and Anne, who came from San Antonio and them!

 My friend Sarah, who lives in London, even came in for the shower! Okay, that's a lie. She was here for work, but it was great timing!! I am ready for her and David to move back to ATX!

My Mom made the precious dresses...she's taking orders if anyone needs one! :)

 Some of the precious outfits Quinn got.

The shower invite asked guests to bring books to start Quinn's library. I am so excited! I hope she loves to read as much as her Mama and Daddy! We will make reading a priority in her life for sure!

 One of our friends who was there w/ her sweet Baby Blue, had a flat tire. I love how all the guys got out there to stand around and "help." But seriously, they were so sweet and got all dirty and sweaty to get Micaelan and Baby Blue on their way! 

Declan, Jeremy's godson, loved playing with the decorations. I love this pic!