Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Feeling the Volusion Love

Last week was full of fun surprises and lots of girly, lacy fun!

Volusion Surprise Shower

My amazing team at work threw a surprise shower for the two soon-to-be parents on the team. My friend and colleague, Harlan, and his wife, Rachel, are also expecting a baby girl in a few weeks so we were all showered together. My sneaky manager called an "All Marketing" meeting (which seemed a little odd, but I went w/ it) last Tuesday and it ended up being an "All Marketing Pig-Out Fest" complete w/ an amazing cake made by my friend, Adelle, and another cake made by our HR director, Sandra.We also had lots of yummy snacks and of course gifts for Harlan/Rachel's baby and Quinn!

I am SO very blessed to work for such an awesome company, and even more blessed to be on the marketing team that works hard, has fun and supports each other every step of the way. It was also fun that a lot of other random Volusioners came to the shower. I have worked here long enough and in a few different positions, so I know people in other departments pretty well. We are all one big family and it's so fun!

Here are a few pics from the shower:

Our sweet sign!
The card w/ the Volusion "Lil Slugger" on it. This is the character our designers created for our Volusion Family Picnic t-shirts. He doesn't have a name, but he (she) is cute!
Harlan and Rachel
Story on Harlan's beard: He has been growing it out for the entire pregnancy and he slowly started to shave it off last week. This week it's a Fu Manchu...pretty awesome. My friend Adelle calls their baby "Ginger Snap"
 because we are all thinking she will be a Ginger. :)
P.S. Rachel looks amazing for 38 weeks!
Adelle's incredible cake w/ strawberry filling (oozing out..yum)
and Mexican vanilla frosting!!
Yes, I had two pieces that day.
My director, Olga, is Russian and this is an animated character
in Russia called a Cheburashka.
Olga loves this little guy and she couldn't help herself...she had to draw him! 
The story about him is pretty cute...worth reading!
Quite possibly the most unflattering picture of me, EVER.
But, I heart my girls Anjuli, Adelle and Sandra.
Shameless SEO plug for Volusion!