Monday, October 24, 2011

Pregnancy from the View of My Phone

We recently upgraded our phones and I almost lost all my pictures. Luckily, Jeremy recovered them so I could do this post I have been wanting to do for a while. I am really bad about keeping photos on my phone forever and it has been funny to look through them lately to see what I have from the pregnancy. So, here goes...

My Mom and I went shopping for maternity clothes when I was around 12 weeks. The little strap-on belly they give you at the maternity store was fun to try on and I remember saying "I can't imagine being this big!" Well, I am much bigger now!!

The "maternity section" of my closet after we went shopping. It's grown a little bit since then, but not a lot. I honestly didn't buy too many maternity things and wore a lot of tank tops since it was SO hot throughout my pregnancy!

This is one of the best pics we got of Quinn during all the sonograms. This is at 12 weeks.

Little Quinn at 12 weeks snuggling up in a corner of my uterus.

18 Weeks. This is when I really started to see a "bump."

Jeremy getting a pedicure on Father's Day...yes, I got one too!

Ella cuddling up next to her sister on the couch. Love the bump in this pic!

This was a sign in a tapioca bar in NYC (kind of like an ice cream place, but w/ tapioca instead) that made me laugh. Check it out! The place was called Rice to Riches...check it out.

Jeremy bought this very appropriate shirt for us.

My birthday dinner at Steiner Ranch Steakhouse. I am pretty sure I ordered dessert and also ate my birthday dessert. Oops.

Barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen making peach cobbler.

This requires some explaining. We went to our rental house right before our new tenants moved in. Because of the drought this summer and the water restrictions, the grass was fried. I decided that hand watering would be helpful (obviously it was beyond help) but it was so hot that I sat in the car with the AC and hung the hose out of the car window.

A week that shows the ridiculous heat this summer!!

My first impulse buy for a craving.

Jeremy is the best. He sent me cookies from Tiff's Treats w/ the note above.

Putting together the pack and play. Fun times.

Ok, this is kind of gross, but I had to put it in here for posterity. The long blue thing in the trash is the stent they put in me when I had the kidney stone. I was SO glad when they took it out. It was about a foot wonder I was so uncomfortable! I had to open the trash and take a pic just to show everyone I wasn't crazy! :)

I saw this recipe and had to make it as a sweet craving for breakfast! Cinnamon roll pumpkin pancakes! YUM!

Quinn at our 36 week sonogram. I had to make little arrows to point out her chubby cheek, eye socket and hand/arm.

Jeremy's daddy blog is still coming soon so stay tuned!


Kathy Pavlovich

I absolutely love the pic of you with the ‘fake’ belly at 12 weeks…so funny now! And especially the barefoot & preggo in the kitchen – classic! Lastly…I must, must, must have the cinnamon roll pumpkin pancakes – holy moly! Might you be open to sharing the recipe?


I'm not great at leaving comments, but I do read your blog and have so enjoyed reading about your pregnancy journey! Can't wait to see pics of sweet little Quinn! Praying for you guys!


I love that you took so many pictures!! The one with Ella is one of my favorites!!! And, that stent scares the crap out of me...what a crazy thing to happen during your pregnancy!! You definitely had a crazy hot summer to be pregnant in-your a trooper!...and I love that Jeremy sent you Tiff's treats and his reasoning behind why...what a good husband! :) Love you so much and can't wait for sweet Quinn!! :)


Ouch! That stint looks so painful! I love the pictures Molly Ann, you are so beautiful. I can't wait to meet Miss Quinn! God bless, Erica