Monday, September 19, 2011

32 Week Baby Jicama Sylestine

Don't worry, her name is still Quinn but she is apparently the size of a jicama, which is really funny to me for some reason. Eight(ish) more weeks! AHHH! I can't believe we are two months out. I am definitely starting to get a little anxious. I have started to realize our life is going to change drastically when Quinn gets here and it's a little nerve wracking. It's just the fear of the unknown I suppose. Moms can give me all the advice in the world, but nothing will compare to hands-on experience.

32 Week Update


-Quinn is so strong now! It's definitely feeling like an alien is in my belly trying to bust out. It's also pretty cool that I can tell where her feet are. Right now she is head down and her feet are under (and in) my right ribs. I love sharing that with other people. My good friends Allison and Jordan got to feel her a couple of weeks ago when they stayed w/ us (they were Steiner Ranch fire evacuees). I will never forget Allison's face when she felt Quinn kick and then of course we both started crying!

-Up until the kidney stone ordeal I was still walking and keeping up w/ my yoga practice. I still love that and I am hoping that I can get back on track this week. I think it keeps my blood pumping and my lungs strong. Although, let's be honest, I get winded going up the stairs!

-A couple of pregnancy woes I have NOT gotten yet are swollen feet/ankles and the inability to sleep. I really hope this doesn't jinx me!

-My new favorite not-guilty-at-all pleasure is Light Blue Bell Vanilla w/ Mint Oreos crushed up in it!'s so good. I love that Jeremy always partakes in my dessert cravings too. Fortunately, he has kept his svelte shape by running and working out...hopefully that will motivate me post-baby.

-Pregnant lady/new mommy bonding. I have several friends, family members and acquaintances who are pregnant right now or who have just had babies. Unfortunately not a lot of them live close enough to see on a regular basis but some of them do. I think it is so cool how this experience brings women together. Honestly, a lot of my communication w/ these women is on Facebook, but even still, I love being able to vent or share sweet stories or thoughts and get feedback from women who know exactly what I am going through. I hope I can be a mentor to other preggos later on. (That's a hint to my close Austin girlfriends that it's time to get pregnant...c'mon!!) :)

-A feeling of success! I didn't really think about this until today, but I have come so far. I have made it through 32 weeks of a baby growing inside me! I went through about 18 weeks of nausea, a kidney stone, moving into a new house and other random pregnancy fun. I can't imagine how successful I will feel after I have Quinn (other than the fact that I will be in love w/ my precious new baby girl). 

-Jeremy is pretty darn awesome. He continues to support me and maintain his patience with my craziness. A few examples:
  • The other day I wanted to eat at one restaurant, but I wanted lemonade from Chic-Fil-A. So, Jeremy got my lemonade and we made our way to the other restaurant. 
  • He has decided my only chore should be vacuuming since I can do that pretty easily standing up. He does the dishes, helps me cook, does all the laundry and other random chores around the house.
  • He still buys me flowers on a regular basis. This is something he's done for a long time now, but it's extra special while I am preggo for some reason. I hope that tradition continues even when we have spit up all over us and baby toys all over our house. 
  • Pretty much every night I forget something downstairs when we head upstairs for bed. It could be my phone, heartburn medicine (which I take every night before bed), my cup of water, etc. He always goes back downstairs (sometimes more than once) and now it's just a running joke. His reaction is always "seriously!" and then we usually both laugh.
-Praise the Lord, the weather is starting to cool off...woohoo! (By cool off I mean the highs are in the 90s instead of 100s...hey it makes a difference.)

Not So Amazing:

-If the old wives tale is true, Quinn is going to have a LOT of hair because she is giving me some major heartburn. Bleh! I keep Tums and Zantac handy all the time.

-I feel like my back is starting to sway more since I am getting heavier in the front. I notice it when I am standing still and try to adjust so I don't have major back pain later. I anticipate it will get worse though...thank goodness for my yoga stretches.

-One word: cellulite.

-Nesting! It's kind of fun at first because it's a feeling of excitement as I prepare for Quinn, but the not so amazing part of nesting at this point is that my body won't let me do as much as I want. I decorated the house for fall on Saturday and it was pathetic how many breaks I had to take. And don't get me started on how much I want to clean every inch of my house. I have thought about shaving the that wrong?

-I might have said this before, but I don't know how really fat people make it. That sounds so mean, but feeling heavy and slow is miserable. I HATE not being able to move. It takes me forever to get out of bed, off the couch or even walk from my car to a building. It's also getting hard for me to put my pants on and dry my legs when I get out of the shower. Shaving...well let's just say that's not a priority. I also grunt a's not very becoming, but luckily Jeremy puts up with me. 

-I am hungry all the time. I eat lunch and 30 minutes later I want to eat again. It doesn't help that the heartburn prevents me from eating a normal amount. I have gotten to where I can't eat as much because I feel so full so soon and then the heartburn sets in. But then, like I said, I am hungry soon after. I always think of myself as a Hungry Hungry Hippo. I found this cute little comic and had to share.

 -A few things I am starting to miss a lot include: micheladas and red wine, cuddling with Jeremy w/out my pillow fort getting in the way, running (working out in general), hot yoga, normal trendy clothes and sushi. 

All in all, I must say I am feeling pretty good at 32 weeks. I am so glad Quinn is healthy and on track, and I am so thankful that I have had a healthy pregnancy (other than the kidney stone).

Here are a few pics from the last few weeks:

 31 Weeks in San Antonio

32 week belly
(I love the contrast of our wedding photo and my preggo belly!)

Jeremy putting the pack and play together

If we are this cruel to Ella (who hates her duck slippers), imagine how much fun I will have playing dress-up with Baby Quinn! 

This is how Ella felt about her that not the guiltiest face you have ever seen!? We went to the store and found this when we came home.

*Shameless plug: Ella's duck slippers are brought to you by one of my favorite sites:


Kathy Pavlovich

I love reading your posts! So incredibly fun to track as I'm going through the same stages...Love it! And isn't ice cream the absolute best? Do you wonder what it will be like to not have her moving in your stomach? I mean, I know she'll be here bringing you all the joy in the world, but I wonder what it will be like to no longer have that feeling ;) Your looking great sweet Molly...SO HAPPY FOR YOU & JEREMY!