Thursday, July 28, 2011

Playing the Glad Game When You're Pregnant In A Heat Wave

I love the movie Pollyanna and when I was younger I watched it a lot! One of my favorite things in the movie is her "Glad Game." It's basically just a way to count your blessings, look at the cup half full and see the positive side of situations.
I am not always an optimistic person (you can ask Jeremy) but I do like to try. So, here’s my version of the glad game for being pregnant in this brutal heat. By the way, Newsweek’s Daily Beast recently rated Austin as the #5 hottest city in the US right now. The #1 spot went to Lubbock, so I guess I should be GLAD I am not in West Texas right now!

Glad Game:

-I’m glad my biggest months will be in the fall.
-I’m glad I might be sweating off some of the extra calories I am eating as a preggo.
-I’m glad I can wear cotton dresses, shorts and flip-flops to work.
-I’m glad my office is cold (to most people, but perfectly comfortable to me right now).
-I’m glad for all the yummy fruit that is in season in the summer.
-I’m glad it will be cooler when I start post-pregnancy workouts. Runs and walks with Quinn will be pleasant.
-I’m glad my house has two air conditioning units (upstairs and downstairs), so I don’t feel guilty cranking it down at night and leaving the downstairs a little warmer.
-I’m glad snow cone stands are open!
-I’m glad life slows down in the summers so we don’t have stuff at night during the week. It’s been a nice break!
-I’m glad my nauseous period was not in the heat wave. I can’t imagine being nauseous AND overly hot. Bleh!
-I’m glad I have time to get swim-suit ready before next summer’s heat wave! (Fingers crossed!)
-I'm glad I get a PRECIOUS BABY GIRL after all this! :)