Saturday, August 20, 2011


Jeremy, Quinn and I got totally showered with love and gifts last weekend at our first baby shower. All the friends and family I have in Odessa are amazing, and they never fail to make me feel so special. Quinn is going to be one spoiled little girl!

We got a ton of necessities, some more sentimental gifts and a few SUPER cute outfits that I can’t wait to see on Baby Q!

[On a side note, I have decided to embrace the fact that I have gotten chubby. I think I realized it when I saw these baby shower pictures and I am just saying “oh well…bring on the ice cream!”] :)

There were 11 hostesses for my shower. Again, I can’t begin to tell you how blessed I feel to have all these women in my life! Check out the awesome set-up complete with the diaper cake Emily made all by herself, homemade cake pops, fruit, sausage balls and more.

The beautiful girls in my family…Abby (the soon-to-be new sister), Mom and Emily.

More beautiful girls in my family...Aunt Kerri, Mimi and Abby (again).

Loved seeing the beautiful Beard and Byford girls!

This is one of my favorite, more sentimental gifts. This rocking chair was mine when I was a tiny little girl and it used to say “Molly Ann’s Rocker”. My mom refinished it and put Quinn’s name on it. LOVE IT!

Quinn’s new Aunt Abby got her these to wear to the wedding in February. They are having a destination wedding in Park City, Utah, so these will be perfect to keep her tiny feet warm! Wait, why does my unborn daughter have Uggs and I don’t!?

This is Jeremy's favorite gift from the shower. It's a beautiful little white Feltman Brothers dress with matching panties and booties. My Margaret's best friend Carolyn gave it to us and it's exactly the kind of dress Margaret would have bought for her. Perfect for her baby dedication!

Jeremy came over to see all the gifts after the shower was over (and help us load things up). After looking at everything he said "I hope Quinn's a girl." Me too!!

I can't believe how blessed we are! How do people raise kids without the love and support of a community around them. Thank you so much to everyone who gave their time and amazing gifts!


The Houses

What a great weekend in Odessa! You are so blessed with all the family and friends around to "shower" you... and I love, love, love the rocking chair! It matches the room perfectly! Just remember, Molly, you are NOT chubby - you are pregnant and look BEAUTIFUL! :)


I love that you got a Feltman Brothers dress! No one up here has ever heard of Feltman Brothers.

When we got all our "girl stuff" Mike and I were also thinking, "uh oh, this baby better be a girl." So when she was born, my first question was, "Is she a girl?" and was so relieved! Because all you're going off of are three little dots 2 months ago!