Sunday, July 24, 2011

24 Weeks of Baking

I am 24 weeks pregnant now! It seems like after the nausea went away, the weeks are going by faster. Quinn is officially the size of an ear of corn and apparently my uterus is the size of a soccer ball (although my tummy looks much bigger). :) I wanted to highlight some of the amazing and not-so-amazing things that have been happening so far with Baby Quinn.

-I have been feeling Quinn move like crazy. I think her feet stay mostly on the left side of my body because that’s where I can feel it most. Jeremy has felt her a lot too and it has been really cool to share those moments with him. He likes to talk to her and keep his hand on my belly for a while so he doesn’t miss anything. He is going to be an amazing Daddy!

-I look super pregnant now so I get lots of fun smiles and comments from people. Some of my coworkers and friends have started to want to “touch it”. I honestly don’t mind at all. I remember being curious before I was pregnant and I am happy to share my belly. I can’t wait to see their reactions when they can see the my belly move around like there’s an alien in there or something.

 The Bump

-We got Quinn’s bedding, crib and furniture. All we need to do now is paint her room and we can set everything up!

 Here's the bedding! We are going to paint her room green to match.

-My doctor told me to go get a cheeseburger! HA! Seriously! I had my glucose test which I passed with flying colors, but they told me I need to get a little more iron. I am not anemic by any means, but I don’t eat a lot of red meat so I need to start doing that a bit more. So, I have permission to go eat a cheeseburger. I think I can handle that…here we come Mighty Fine!

-The baby gifts have already started pouring in. Several of my girlfriends and of course the women in our families can’t resist the urge to buy cute girly stuff. I love it! Quinn is going to be one spoiled little girl. 

 A few of Quinn's gifts.

-I’m not nauseous and I have energy and desire to work out now! I started a prenatal yoga class and I love it. It’s so amazing to share that practice with other women who are in every stage of pregnancy. Before each class starts we talk about how we are feeling and how far along we are. I have gotten some good tips and we have laughed a lot. I do yoga twice a week and then I try to do cardio (power walk a few miles on the treadmill or interval training on the elliptical) two or three other days out of the week. I seriously can’t wait until the fall when I can take a stroll outside and there isn’t a heat wave!


-I have already gained 26lbs. The doctor is not worried at all, and in fact they keep telling me to chill out about it. BUT, it’s hard when all the stupid books say you should gain 25-30lbs. the whole pregnancy and I still have three months to go! Oh well…I suppose I will have plenty of time to lose weight after Quinn is born and every woman is different.

-I have started to feel a few aches and pains. Nothing too crazy, but things that were definitely not there before. My tailbone hurts at the end of every day from sitting at my desk. I need to bring a pillow to work or something! I also have a lot of tension in my shoulders and neck, and my feet hurt on days when I work out and then come home and fix dinner. The only other thing I have felt lately is sciatica. I have had this in my left hip for a while from running before  I was preggo, but being preggo exacerbates it. I honestly can’t complain though…it could be a lot worse.

-I really miss eating sushi, sandwiches and having beer/micheladas with Mexican food! I mean, it’s not that bad, but every once in a while, I just get a craving! I have been eating a lot of tomatoes so that helps with the michelada part. I also let myself have one turkey sandwich a week from Jersey Mike’s. I LOVE THAT PLACE! The only reason I am okay w/ the deli meat there is because they slice it fresh for every sandwich. The doctor said I can eat lunch/deli meat as long as it’s sliced fresh or warmed. So, I give in to that craving once a week. Who knew I would crave a boring turkey sandwich?

-My hands have started to swell a little bit. I can still wear my rings, but I can tell I won’t be able to eventually. I might just wear the ring I normally wear on my right middle finger (my great-great-grandmother’s) as my wedding ring when I can’t wear my own anymore. It’s a size bigger and still looks pretty. :) I remember when some of my girl cousins got pregnant, my Margaret let them wear the “pregnancy ring.” Does anyone know where that is? I think it was just a gold band…not sure where it came from. Anyone?

-Heartburn. Bleh. I had a little acid reflux before the pregnancy so I know what to eat and what not to eat. Unfortunately, I crave Mexican food and things that probably cause more heartburn than necessary. Luckily, the doctor is okay with me taking Zantac, so I do that every once in a while.  I have had friends tell me that toward the end of the pregnancy I will not be able to eat very much at meals because of the heartburn. That will be interesting…I guess stay tuned for that exciting time. :)

That’s about it. Right now I like being pregnant. I like the feeling of Quinn inside me, like I can protect her. I like not feeling AS guilty eating ice cream, and I like the attention people give me. Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t like the attention. I will probably read this blog at about 38 weeks and laugh. I have a feeling at that point I will be ready to NOT be pregnant. But for now...I think I am finally feeling the honeymoon of the pregnancy. YAY!