Monday, December 20, 2010

AHHHH...10 More Days!

Okay, I need to get with it! I have 10 days to fulfill the New Year's Resolution list I made back in January.

Here's an update on the list:

1. Blog More--Done.

2. Finish my scrapbook from Hawaii in 2007. Didn't touch it...crap! I am pretty sure the scrapbook and all the pics are buried at the bottom of my guest room closet. I guess that would add another resolution to the list...clean out the guest room closet. Let's be honest, this might go on 2011's list.

3. Cut back on chips and queso--Done! It helped that I gave up fried food for Lent.

4. See more live music--Done! In the month of October alone we saw Griffen House, tons of bands at ACL, Ray LaMontagne, Tyrone Wells and Carrie Underwood. I think I have done a great job w/ this one and I have loved getting to know new bands!

5. Have more restful nights at home--Pretty much done. We started watching the entire season of Lost on streaming Netflix, so we were planted on the couch a lot of nights watching two or three episodes at a time. That helped the whole stay at home thing. I think I have a pretty good balance of this even with all the service stuff I am doing lately.

6. Preserve my wedding dress--Nope. I am still planning on having that party. :)

7. Sing more--Sadly no. I can't seem to balance that with work, Junior League, church leadership and family time. Maybe very soon. I want to start teaching voice and piano again soon so maybe there will be an outlet there.

8. Play more piano--Again, no. Dang it I am not doing well w/ this list! My sister is a music major at Baylor now, so maybe she can inspire me!

9. Purge my life of stuff--Absolutely done. I am not all the way there, but I have really worked hard this year to be more aware of the crap I put in my body. This also includes me purging our house of extra junk we don't need. We cleaned out our garage so we actually use it for our cars now! My new business ( has helped me achieve a healthier lifestyle too!

10. Dig deeper into my faith--Sort of done. This can always improve. I can say this year has been more others-centered for me. I have been serving others (through church and Junior League) more than I was before, and I have to say it feels awesome. Life is too short to be selfish!