Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year

Molly Ann's List of New Year's Resolutions That Probably Won't Be Resolved But We Can Be Hopeful:

1. Blog more. Hey, I think I am doing well considering it's January 4.

2. Finish my scrapbook from when my family went to Hawaii in 2007. Um, yeah, I know it's pretty sad. I got about 3/4 of the way through and then started planning my wedding. (The Hawaii trip is where I got engaged, so the wedding sort of took over.) I used to scrapbook EVERYTHING, but now it seems like really creative photo scrapbooking websites have made me lazy. This makes it even harder to finish documenting that dang Hawaii trip. What used to take hours and days now takes 30 minutes online. Maybe finishing up this one will make me appreciate the hobby again.

One of many Hawaii photos

3. Cut back on eating chips and queso. Don't laugh. I am serious.

4. Go see more live music downtown even if it happens to be a school night. I need to take advantage of the fact that we live in the amazing ATX and don't have kiddos now, and stop being a fuddy dud.

5. Having said that, I also want to be more intentional about having restful nights at home enjoying some down time w/ Jeremy and the dogs.

6. Get my wedding dress preserved. When was my wedding, you ask? Oh, February of 2008. Yup, two years ago. Sadly my only excuse for not doing this is that I really want to have a wedding video-watching party w/ some of my girlfriends where we all wear our dresses. Now that I have said/typed that out loud I realize how lame and cheesy it sounds so I guess it's time. (I will let you know if I put it on again and reminisce before I take it!)

7. Sing more. I miss it, and it has been hard for me to find an outlet in Austin that fits my schedule. I suppose I just need to make it more of a priority.

8. Play my piano more. I always hated practicing as a child and in college, but now I can just play for fun. I guess this also means I need to have my poor, old, lonely piano tuned.

9. Purge my life of stuff (material and other). On this note, I have started to become more aware of the junk we put into our bodies, and I hope I can purge my diet of a lot of this stuff. I don't think we were meant to have so many unnatural things in our God-given temples.

10. Dig deeper into my faith. I actually read something recently by John Piper that relates to this one. I would encourage you to read it as well. It's called 10 Resolutions for Mental Health and it just makes sense.

Since I haven't written in a while, I will just say that we had a great holiday season filled with family and friends.

What a blessed year 2009 was and I can't wait to see what happens in 2010. Next weekend we are headed to New Orleans with some good friends and I have no doubt it will make for some good, blog-worthy material! Until then...



Yay!! I can't wait untl New Orleans... it's only Monday but I'm already DONE with this week!!

Guess what?! David and I got Band Hero for Xmas with one of our gift cards so you can come over and be the singer!

Ok, back to work (boo). See you soon!

The Megster

#11. Hubby and I love to travel so we vow to come visit The Megster in Vermont. We will also bring her chips and queso.