Sunday, October 31, 2010

Adventures with Sky Mall

This last weekend my Mom, Susie and I got to take a trip to Ohio to visit some old friends. One of my very first friends (since I was a baby) had a wedding reception, and we got to go share in the celebration. We had a blast and it was so special to be there. My Mom and Susie have been friends with the McDonalds for about 30 years. They moved away when Krissta (their daughter) and I were in kindergarten. Despite the distance, they have remained good friends and it was fun to see them together again!

As I traveled up there I got to do one of my favorite things: browse Sky Mall. Who doesn't love the treasures found in this magazine?! I got a little bored on the long flight so I perused and found a few items that won't make my Christmas list, but made me laugh to myself.

Relaxing Magic Showerhead

For a mere $44.99 you too can have this color-changing showerhead. This takes singing in the shower to a whole new level!  Its like being on stage! Now all they need is a waterproof microphone and we are set. (Also, is anyone else thinking "that's a horse of a different color"?)

Brobdingnagian Sports Chair

How embarrassed would your kids be if you took this to little league games? Secondly, what the H-E-double hockey sticks is "brobdingnagian"? Well according to it's something of "extraordinary size, gigantic or enormous." So, there ya go...if you have huge people in your family, you are in luck. The funniest part is the description that says: "...its 9' sq. seat affords ample room for full-body gesticulations."  Gesticulate to your heart's content.

Electronics Cleaning Compound

As it mentions in its description, this is a "high tech malleable compound that picks up dirt, dust, etc." It honestly just looks like a fancy version of Nickelodeon Gak. Remember that nasty stuff? I would want to just use it to make inappropriate noises. If you need a little blast from the past, check out this old-school commercial!

Rescue Tape

So, according to the description of this product, this tape is strong enough to be used by the US military and it is even waterproof. Sadly, the first thought that went through my head was: BP Oil spill. If only some of those wealthy oil dudes had skipped out on the first class flights, they could have discovered this hidden Sky Mall treasure. Problem solved.

Watch Storage Case

This brought back memories of Christmas Eve at my Margaret and Pawpaw's house. My Pawpaw loved to buy watches for Margaret almost every Christmas. It was sort of the running family joke. He is so sweet...he still buys watches for us every once in a while.  Anyway, Margaret could have definitely used one of these. She might be the only person in the world who ever had this many watches.

Passing the Bar Game

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say this is not exactly a law student's version of fun. Nor would it be a way to study for the bar. I don't know, I might be wrong. I am pretty sure it would more likely be used as a drinking game by 1st year law students who are in the apathetic mode. I had a friend who recently took the Bar and it didn't sound like fun and games to me. I can see stuffy lawyers who live in DC playing this with their kids as practice. Poor kids...they have no chance at living a socially normal life. 

And...every one's favorite:

Skyrest Travel Pillow

I think the most awkward thing about this nifty pillow is the level at which you lay your head. You are literally right in your neighbor's face. Plus, you have the dilemma of when to blow it up, before or after taking your seat. Either way, you have to hold it in your lap until you can take your tray table down. We all know you have to be at 10,000 feet or something like that before that sucker can come down. Furthermore, where do you put your tiny complimentary beverage and peanuts. See, this is too much trouble. Skip the huge blow-up pillow and fall asleep bobbing your head forward like the rest of us. 

What are some of your favorite Sky Mall treasures?