Friday, September 24, 2010

Enemy Territory

Last weekend Jeremy and I got to take a road trip with our good friends, Allison and Jordan (and their dog Raider, who stared at the car ceiling the entire trip because of the reflections from our phones). The Texas Longhorns were playing the Tech Red Raiders and it was a perfect opportunity to go to a football game and spend some time w/ Allison and Jordan's family in Lubbock. As an added bonus, we got to see my Dad, who is a huge Red Raider fan, some of Jeremy's old pals from Dumas and my cousin, Aron with some old friends from FBC Odessa.

That was the ugliest game I have ever seen, and I have been to a lot of Baylor football games. That's all I will say about the game itself.

I have no connection w/ either school, so I decided to default to my hubby's alma mater and wear burnt orange. I should have pulled a Switzerland and worn my Baylor green and gold, but I wanted to have a team to cheer for. Plus, Jeremy is always supportive of the Bears so I had to reciprocate. I even made the little Longhorn w/ my hand at one point! :)

I was laughing at all the cheers that the Longhorns do. There is one that says "give 'em hell" and I told Jeremy he was not allowed to teach that cheer to our kids. He probably will.

We had so much fun meeting the Gristy family and playing in Lubbock. The Gristys were so hospitable and it was fun to put faces with names. I told Allison I wanted to see all the fun places they hung out when they went to school there. I love taking people to my old stomping grounds! They showed us where they used to live, where they used to work, where Allison got stuck in a dust storm (love West Texas) and lots of other fun sentimental things. One of my favorites was stopping at Sheridan's after the game for a late night snack (dinner at that point). I had the Mother In-Law which had vanilla custard, Rice Krispies, chocolate chips and bananas. OMG. I want more. After that we stopped at Taco Villa for a burrito and my life was complete. I literally thought I was in Heaven (especially after seeing that West Texas sunset)!

Road trips with good friends can't be beat (unlike the Red Raiders). :( Sorry fans.


Jill & Noah

Love your blog as usual Molly! We have yet to take a road trip with y'all and I soooo want to!! :) Can I Say YUMMY to your Scrumptious Mother in-law dessert-some day I hope to experience West Texas in all it's beautiful glory AND YUMMY SHERIDANS-that will be a MUST EAT!!! Glad you had a great time....Hook em' Horns! :)