Friday, September 17, 2010

Facebook Moods

I have realized lately how Facebook can really help/hurt my day. I am so lucky that the bulk of my friends on Facebook are really positive and encouraging. I get a lot of inspirational quotes, Bible verses, happy news, funny stories, etc. I don't always have a happy reaction to FB, but for the most part, I can feel really uplifted when I read through the status updates. Have you noticed how that stuff can affect your day?

Here are some thoughts I have when I read FB statuses (Keep in mind I never get on the computer version of FB, only my iPhone.)

1. I needed to hear that today.

2. For the love, when do you people have time to play these ridiculous games! I don't have a sheep to give, I don't care to beat you in Bejeweled and I don't know anything about dungeons and dragons.

3. I hope I can have that attitude when I go through hard times.

4. Holy crap, another one of my girlfriends is prego.

5. Holy crap, they are having a girl.

6. TMI. Seriously, why would you post that on Facebook for the world to see.

7. I am inspired by (insert name)'s faith. What a blessing they are in my life.

8. That video was hilarious and I should share. OR That video was a waste of 2 minutes and 34 seconds of my life...why is it taking up Youtube space?

9. Please stop updating your location every five minutes. I feel a little stalkerish knowing where you are.

10. I am SO lucky to have so many friends, family and acquaintances whith whom I can stay in touch.

11. You should probably keep that REALLY hateful political comment to yourself (I get both sides).

12. I am glad they shared that product/service. I will have to look into that.

13. HONK!! (That is someone behind me getting mad that I am looking at FB statuses instead of going through the green light.)

14. I like learning new things about my relatives. We are related by blood, but how did I not know that about them?!

15. My eyes hurt.