Thursday, March 13, 2014

Q's First Fair/Rodeo

Since it's Spring Break and Q doesn't have school, I was looking for all sorts of stuff to do. Austin's rodeo and fair is in town and they have some cool stuff for little ones. My friend from Volusion, Ruth, had some passes and she invited us to join her with her sweet baby James.

Honestly, I think I could have just walked around the rides and food booths for an hour or so and Quinn would have been happy. When we first walked in, Quinn said "Oh, it's beautiful!" We need to work on her taste in beauty, but for a toddler, I'm sure all those lights, spinning rides, stuffed animals, etc. were pretty cool.

We went to the petting zoo where we met some of the most aggressive animals ever! They were seriously food driven and one mule deer was literally eating my scarf. I had to pull it out of the dudes throat! We eventually made it to the smaller animal section and the kids loved the baby goats.

They also had pony rides, and then we walked through the show barn to see the winners in all the categories including pigs, goats, cows, longhorns, sheep, rabbits and llamas. After that we headed to the pig races where these precious little baby pigs raced around a track all for the prize at the end: an Oreo. Pigs after my own heart! :)

Our last activity (best free activity ever) was to let the kids climb all over the tractors and lawn mowers in a John Deere booth. Genius!

For lunch, I had a corn dog and Quinn had some nachos quickly followed by her first funnel cake! Woohoo! Mom of the year! :)

We had a great time. It did get a little expensive, but not too bad considering it entertained us all morning and Quinn got to experience some more "firsts" in her little toddler world. Highly recommend it!