Wednesday, September 18, 2013

22-Month List of Fun Stuff

I think this month can be wrapped up three words: Talk. A. Tive. When we're out and about, people are always asking me how old Q is. They're always so impressed that she talks as much, and as clearly as she does. I'm telling you...the girl doesn't shut up. Blessing and a curse.  I'm so busy lately that I don't have time for a full recap of this month, but here's a list of some fun stuff:

Favorite things Q says: 
-What IIIIIISSS that, Mama? (raise the pitch of "is" a lot)
-Mama hold you like a little baby. (I'm loving this new cuddly stage.)
-Kinda like_____. (She is so observant...she sees people in public and says they look kinda like someone else.)
-Daddy go downtown work. Help kids.
-Silly____. (Anything or anyone.)
-Supercata____docious. (from Mary Poppins...she tries so hard to say it.)
-Rock You Mama Song (Wagon Wheel by Darius Rucker)
-Buenos dias Mama! (Every morning when she gets up.)
-Meese me____. (Excuse me [insert anything including Mama's toes, table, daddy's arm, Quinn's blocks, etc.)
-She still calls herself "Pinn" but it's becoming "Hinn".
-Not tired take nap. (After yawning in the car.)
-No ike this song Mama. [change songs] Ike this song!
-Hurry up Dopey!! (at the end of Heigh Ho when Dopey is lagging behind.)
-Pennybacker Bridge!!! (she squeals this every time we go over it on the way to church/school)

Surprises - Quinn tends to say things that surprise us. Her memory is incredible and she's so smart! Here are a few of those moments:
-My Dad (her Pawpaw) had come to visit a couple of Sundays ago and he told her he had to leave. She said "Pawpaw go back Giddings?" What?! How did she remember that from when I said it so long ago?
-Jeremy and I were listening to a shuffle of music on a playlist recently and a Mumford and Sons song came on. We were talking and Quinn kept saying something. We finally realized she was saying "Kinda like 'I Will Wait for You'." She picked out a musical genre and an artist and made the connection that they sing the same song!! Holy cow!
-She was so tired one night and she was being fussy while I was trying to get her pajamas on. I asked her why she was so grumpy and she thought for a second and said "Happy, Doc, Dopey, Sleepy?" I died laughing and had a hard time disciplining her after that.
-I told her I had to stop and put a letter in the mail. She said "Mama put ABCs in?".
-She noticed car blinkers. She kept saying "Mama lights on and off and on and off." I finally figured out what she was talking about!

-Cottage cheese and banana
-Reading books to your stuffed animals and dolls
-Wee Sing which she calls "Together Together" (thanks for sharing Allison!)
-Sesame Street (which she called Sesa Steet)
-Candy corn
-Reading books and getting new books at the library
-Holding her animals and dolls like a baby with a blanket
-Drinking out of a big girl cup
-Licking the beaters when I bake
-Watching other kids (especially older ones at the park)
-Torturing Ella
-Hanging/swinging on bars
-Playing with the "water hose" in the bath (the shower head w/ the long tube)
-When Mama and Daddy kiss or hold hands
-Snow White
-Pushing the Brew button on the Keurig
-Helping with laundry
-Feeding Ella
-Unlocking and opening the back door (Lord help us!)
-Closing the gate on the stairs before we can get through behind her. She thinks it's hilarious.

-Leaving the house. It's a fight every time. Even going to the park or swimming, she hates getting dressed and leaving. Is anyone else's toddler like this? I'm sure I'll wish for this when she's about 16.
-Riding in the car (seriously, when does this get better?!)
-Brushing her teeth (we still have to use the sticker chart to bribe her)
-Getting dressed
-Holding our hand in parking lots or crossing the street (little Miss Independent)
-Getting out of the bath
-Getting her hands and face clean after a meal
-Sitting in highchairs at restaurants
-Sharing toys when friends come to play at her house (she does fine at school and church, just don't mess w/ toys on her territory)
-When Mama or Daddy hold another baby...she immediately says "Mama hold you?"
-When we play a song she doesn't want. She always says "No like this song, Mama/Daddy."
-When books have too many words on a page...she wants to move on to the next page.

We love this sweet baby so much...she's so fun right now!! I know I'm probably biased since I'm her mom, but she's seriously so smart. Everyone we meet tells me so and I am so proud of her!!




Big Clifford at the library.

Helping Nannie Mae w/ accounting. This kid's a genius!


Our poor maids have to clean up all the bath crayon drawings.








She's only gotten out twice. Fingers crossed we can keep her caged for a bit longer.


Holding hands in the car.






Really? Seriously!?




Something doesn't look right here and it's not just sandals and socks.