Friday, June 28, 2013

Goodbye Volusion


After four and a half years at Volusion I am saying goodbye. It's an amazing, fast-growing company and I wish the best for them. My time there has taught me more than I could have ever imagined about software (more specifically SaaS), ecommerce, sales, how to build an SMB, entrepreneurship, tech public relations, marketing (in all forms from SEO to print advertising and PPC to social media marketing), how to be a better writer, customer relations and much, much more.

BUT, having said all that, it's time for our family to find a little more balance. Having a dual income is great, but it's not worth the craziness that our life has become. Two parents working full-time, commuting and trying to still make family a priority is hard. Really hard. Can I get an amen from any of you working moms out there?! So, I've decided to start working part-time from home so I can spend more time with Quinn and give more to my family.

Originally, I was hoping to stay with Volusion, but they aren't in a place to have a part time PR person. So, I found another exciting opportunity where I can work part-time from home and have a super flexible schedule. I'll also still be in the tech industry so I can keep my feet wet and feel like I'm accomplishing something other than being a mama every day (not that being a mama isn't a huge task...I just know I'll want more).

This is such an exciting time for our family and I can't wait to see what God has in store for us. It's a bit of a leap of faith, but one that we have been preparing for knowing it's best for our family. The day I put in my two-weeks notice a cool thing happened. I walked out of the meeting (feeling a little sad) and I pulled open my email to see this quote:

"There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind." - C.S. Lewis

So, I'm moving ahead!

Before I said goodbye to Volusion, I had to document some of the fun times I've had there.

*I have to give credit to my good friend David House for his encouragement to apply here. He was my manager for a while, trained me, listened to me vent and saw me grow there. I love that guy and I'm blessed to call the Houses some of our closest friends.

2009 - came on board as an Ecommerce Sales Consultant. I had no clue what ecommerce was much less how to sell it. I had amazing coaches and colleagues who taught me the ropes and guided me to be hugely successful at sales (who knew?!).

2010 -  I was encouraged to apply for a new position that Volusion had created to start selling marketing and design services. This was something they'd never done before, but they wanted to expand services and needed someone specifically to sell that and not the ecommerce stores. I was honored to be chosen from a group of amazing sales folks and I made the most of the opportunity by selling the crap out of marketing and design services. I love to think back to that time because now that team of services sales has eight people and it continues to grow.

2011 - After a couple of years in sales I was ready to move on. I lobbied a position for myself outside of sales and into marketing where I've been the last two years. I was a Marketing Associate at first helping out w/ all sorts of projects and then Volusion decided to bring its PR in-house so I took over that program with the help of my manager.

2013 - It's time for a new chapter.

Here are some fun pics from my time at Volusion.

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Awards 019
Impossible to get a group shot w/out laughing.

Picture 231
Back to school day where I sported by volleyball captain outfit.
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2009 Christmas Party

At the MAGIC trade show w/ some awesome (and by awesome, I mean hot) customers

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Kentucky Derby day w/ mint juleps

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Christmas Party 2010

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I won my first Core Values Award for Rocking the Golden Rule. (I got the same award in 2011 when I was on maternity leave)

More trade show fun.

Pics 022
Just a typical beer Friday.

Halloween 2011 when I was about to pop.

My Volusion baby shower.

MA and Quinn at Golf Tourney 1
Baby Quinn visiting me at the Bikes for Kids golf tourney that we sponsored. 

Europe Trip 053My visit to the UK office.

My MarCom team today that I'll miss dearly!


jen mccrady

Awesome!!! Congrats on your new adventure! I've always thought part-time work was the best of both worlds! I'm sure it'll be an adjustment, but it sounds like it's absolutely the best thing for y'all! Yay :)


Looks like a great experience at Volusion! Congratulations on this new chapter. I'm selfishly excited because we can spend more time with you & Quinn :)

The Houses

Aww we know that Volusion will miss you, but what a great opportunity to be home more with the fam! Good luck - we love you guys and hope you have a smooth transition! :)