Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Fun Idea...Success!

I forgot to mention this in my Colorado blog post, but I came across the greatest idea EVER and actually tried it on our trip.

One of the perks of working in marketing and social media is all the perusing of the web that I get/have to do. One of my main projects at work is our annual Mompreneur Makeover contest. As a part of that, I get to research tons of mommy bloggers and, let's be honest, I sort of love this part of my job. :) I've found so many fun blogs to regularly follow and reading through them each day is one of my favorite things! Plus, I am so inspired by all those moms who run a business and have time to love on their families. I have a hard time working a 40-hour week and being a mom!

Anyway, I found this AMAZING idea from the Land of Nod blog (not necessarily a mommy blog, but still great stuff). I didn't really like the look of the printable, so I made my own.

I decided that chocolate in the middle of the hot Texas summer was probably not a great idea, so I just included Jolly Ranchers and Werther's. Quite a few people around us in the plane had kids/babies as well, but I tried to hand them out to the poor souls who got stuck in the kid section. One guy just laughed and said "I have twins so I totally understand!"

I love this idea and I will continue to use it when we travel until Q is past the crazy baby/toddler stage. I wish I could take credit for this creativity, but I am thankful for all those creative mamas out there leading the way for me!


The Houses

Your job sounds awesome! What a creative idea, and you made your own printable? I would have no idea how to do that... I'm sure Quinn was really good on the flight anyway, but this is great!