Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Big 3 - 0

I'm 30. That's weird. I don't really feel different (except for my bum knee). I remember growing up, my goal was to be married and have a baby before I turned 30. Done and done. I had a great birthday and my husband, friends and family made me feel very special.

Friday night was crazy. A storm came through our neighborhood knocking the power out until about 9:30p.m. The good news is that we have friends in the neighborhood, so we just sat in their front yard, drank beer and chatted like red necks until the power came back on. By the time we got Q to bed and dishes, bottles, etc. washed, we were exhausted. I told Jeremy I couldn't wait for a relaxing Saturday at home.

BUT, I woke up Saturday, and Jeremy said "sorry, you don't get a relaxing Saturday at home." He had a whole surprise day planned for me! My mom came over to keep Quinn and we headed out.

We started the day at a noon movie at the Violet Crown. This awesome new movie theater in downtown Austin was so fun! They have unique drinks and food and they mostly show artsy films. We saw "Beasts of the Southern Wild". Not my favorite movie. In fact I think we both left a little confused and depressed, but the experience and the theater is a must-do in Austin.

Enjoying a Pimm's drink...refreshing!

 It's not a movie without beer and popcorn!

My next surprise was a mani/pedi at Embellish, a cute, girly little nail salon in Central Austin. We were about an hour early, but it worked out well because I had to pump. Yup, it's hard to be spontaneous when I am still a cow for my 8-month old. The ladies at Embellish were sweet to let me have a room to myself to take care of business. After pumping, we still had some time to kill so we headed to Flying Saucer around the corner to have a drink. I had a Purple Haze and Jeremy tried a couple of new beers. It's a fun restaurant/bar and they have a ton of beers on tap. I was telling Jeremy how the movie we saw made me miss Quinn (it was about a little girl that needed some love) and then, guess who showed up!

 My Mom and Emily showed up with my sweet baby girl! Baby in a bar...keepin' it classy. I didn't care. I was so excited to see her and I got to give her some kisses before the girls headed to Embellish.

 Baby in a bar...keepin' it classy.

We had a great time chatting and relaxing while we got our nails and toenails done. I was glad Emily was there to tell me what's trendy these days. I opted for a purple-plumish color and I feel so trendy. HA! (Apparently, mint green is in, but I couldn't do it.)

When my mani/pedi was almost over, Jeremy came back to pick me up and his mom and my dad were with him. I had a feeling something was up then.

 One day Q and I will get mani/pedis together.

We left the salon and headed over to Chez Zee, one of my favorite places to eat brunch and dessert. My sweet husband had organized a surprise dinner! Tons of friends and family were there waiting for us and I felt so special! It felt weird to be the center of attention and the reason they were all there, but we had a great time. Our dinner was fantastic and I had two birthday cakes: chocolate/raspberry and the most amazing lemon chiffon cake EVER. Not kidding. People are still talking about it today. :)

Here's a picture-palooza of the party...enjoy!

Courtney was so sweet to come from Dallas! I love catching up w/ childhood friends!

Jeremy's mom was so sweet to come from Houston!

Jeremy has a hard time keeping his eyes open for photos, so he has the male soap opera look in this one.

After dinner, a few our friends w/out kids went out for drinks with us at Jasper's while the two grandmothers took Quinn home for the night. It was so fun to hang out, laugh and enjoy being celebrated.

Thank you to my amazing hubby for making me feel so special! He was afraid his surprise wouldn't be as great as my surprise trip to Vegas for his 30th, but it was amazing and I can't imagine it any other way.

On the morning of my b-day, he and Quinn gave me their cards and there was another surprise...we're headed to Colorado!! WOOHOO! I love CO in the summer and I can't wait to get away for a few days. Let's hope my 30-year old knees are ready for some hiking and white water rafting!


The Houses

Happy birthday! What a fun day and dinner - sad we missed it. Have a great time in CO!