Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pregnancy: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (1st Trimester)

I want to preface this post by saying the good outweighs the bad by far. I mean c'mon, I am getting a beautiful little baby out of this whole thing! God has blessed us so much thus far and I can't wait to see this little miracle so I can give it lots of love!

Having said that, here's what I am finding so far (I am sure in the second and third trimester this list will change):

The Good

-Knowing the baby and I are healthy
-Our amazing doctor and nurses—LOVE THEM!
-Being able to stick w/ my Shaklee vitamins knowing they are all-natural and even more than a prenatal gives
-Seeing the baby move and wiggle around
-Sharing this experience with the most wonderful, supportive husband and soon-to-be-father (he already has the sonogram pic on our laptop wallpaper)
-Thinking about baby names (we don’t have any yet, so don’t ask)
-Our family and friends gathering around us, checking on us and celebrating with us
-Looking at baby/mommy websites
-(mostly for Jeremy) My craving for pizza, fruit and Tex-Mex…hopefully I will crave healthier things once the nausea is gone
-The overwhelming sense of selflessness and protectiveness I already feel because I love the baby so much
-Sharing my pregnancy with some other friends who are also preggo (near and far)
-Maternity clothes…most comfortable clothes ever!

The Bad
-The nausea
-The preggo nose (I smell everything SO strongly and from a mile away)
-The lack of desire to work out because of the nausea
-Emotional meltdowns
-Feeling like I can’t be a good wife because I don’t feel like doing the normal stuff I used to
-Weight gain
-Focusing and getting through work days feeling nauseous (luckily I have a super-supportive team!)

The Ugly
-The cellulite that is creeping into my bootie, hips and thighs
-The face I make during emotional meltdowns
-My denim maternity shorts that Jeremy lovingly calls Mom Jorts

They aren't this bad:

More like this:



Those are all normal emotions and they do get better. You are going to be an amazing Mommy! Praying for you and Jeremy!

Kathy Pav

I love this post & comparing notes ;-) Keep the updates coming please!! So exciting!!!!

The Gristys
Now this is what I call ugly!
Love to read the post and we are so happy for you.


The Houses

Those shorts are NOT jorts... They're cute! See you in a week. We can't wait! :)