Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I Think My Dog Has Pica

In the pregnancy book we have been reading, there is a section on pica. Apparently this happens with some pregnant women, but the thought of it mostly makes me want to hurl (more than I already do w/ the nausea). From Mr. Webster:

Pica-an abnormal desire to eat substances (as chalk or ashes) not normally eaten

Apparently, this is also pretty common in kids with autism, mental retardation and kids between the ages of two to three. They forgot to mention, it's common in puggles. According to this Kids Health website, here are some of the things that kids (or Ella) might try to eat:
•paint chips
•laundry starch
•baking soda
•coffee grounds
•cigarette ashes
•burnt match heads
•cigarette butts

Oh dear. Ella has eaten almost everything on that list and if you know her, you know she is OBSESSED with ice! It's seriously like crack for her...she will get all antsy and run and rebound off the freezer until you give her some.
Her most recent pica episode was last night when we went to play volleyball and left the dogs at home. I think she was mad because we both put our tennis shoes on and didn't take them for a walk. In her tiny little brain, tennis shoes = walk. Anyway, she got Jeremy's glasses, ate parts of them and destroyed them. She ate the plastic tips off the ends of the ear pieces and somehow got a lens out of the rimless frames.
I think I am having deja vu or maybe I am remembering back to a post from February 2009 when I wrote about how Ella ate MY glasses!! She definitely ate more of mine than she did Jeremy's, so maybe she won't be pooping plastic for quite as long but geeze! I don't even want to think about what she is going to do with poopy diapers, baby toys, spit-up rags and anything else she can get her little pica paws on!
My glasses from 2009

Jeremy's glasses from last night



Oh no!!! That sucks!!! I bet Jeremy was PISSED :|


Naughty Ella!!! :) Her is in BIG trouble I"m sure!! Punishment will be tomorrow when she is going potty...can we say,OUCH!! :)

The Houses

I have never heard of pregnant women having pica... That's gross!! Remind me to hide the chalk and glue before you get here!! I love Jill's post... Jill, update your blog with stories of your new pup - I bet she's so big already!