Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Road to Becoming a Leg Model

I have a confession. I made a nerdy purchase. So nerdy that I won't wear my purchase in public. It's something I have wanted for a while and I had a coupon so I bought it. Them, I should say. I bought Sketcher's Shape-Ups.

Oh yes I did. Let me reiterate I am not going to wear them in public (like to social events, work, church, etc.), but I have a plan. Every morning I take my dogs for a 20-30 minute walk. I figure if I can get a little extra boost in my bootie from my walks with the dogs, I might as well sacrifice my coolness. Let's be honest...I couldn't care less what my neighbors think about me, and the kids I pass at the bus stop are googly over the dogs so they are not going to notice my shoes.

Jeremy is embarrassed of me, and when I wear them around the house to do random chores, I might as well be wearing mom jeans too. But, he will quickly change his mind this summer when I get a call from Sports Illustrated wanting me for my killer legs. I just hope my already large "volleyball legs" don't turn into even larger "tennis player legs!"

I actually think I have started a trend. Any of you girls out there (or even guys...yes they have guy Shape-Ups) who want to buy some too...don't be ashamed. They are cool. They are comfy. They are the newest hottest trend in late-20s, early 30s fashion! Just don't wear them in public.


Kristen Butler

I have the reebok pod shoes that do the same thing! I love them!!! I dont think they look too crazy but they are great for arch support espeacially for plantar facisitis. They have helped my feet tremdously!! YOU GO GIRL WORK THOSE SHOES!!!


Hahaha I was THIS close to buying a pair this weekend, but opted for new normal tennis shoes instead.... I just couldn't do it!!


Oh no she deh ent! That is funny. I liked the mom jeans comment too. Reminds me of an snl skit.