Monday, November 24, 2008

A Moronic Oxymoron

I work at a country club so I have to drive through a "country club" neighborhood to get to work. Some of the most annoying things about that drive include:

-Way too many speed bumps (hilly Northwest Austin)
-Stay-at-home moms who run/walk with their strollers in the street (c'mon, safety people...there's a perfectly good sidewalk right next to you!)
-Slow drivers in really expensive cars who are obviously not in a hurry to get to work

But, today I saw something I had never seen before. It made my day! Let me preface by saying that I live in Austin where we take our "being green" pretty seriously. So, when I see a hybrid Toyota instead of a luxury SUV in a rich neighborhood, it's not such a weird thing. Even wealthier folks here are earth-lovers.

Anyway, I was driving along, trying to avoid whiplash as I went over a speed bump and I realized the Prius in front of me was just creeping along. The kind of slow that makes you want to go around them. The kind that makes you think they are just out for a drive, or they can't read the home addresses very well so they have to slowly go by each one. Not only were they going 15mph, but they were also hanging their arm out of the window holding a CIGARETTE! Ew. My husband recently ranted about this exact subject and I will second his emotions!

So my friends, I have affectionately given Mr. Prius Driver a new name. From this day forward, he will be called an oxymoron: Chain Smoking Environmentalist. In honor of CSE I found some fun pics of other visual oxymorons. Enjoy...and don't let yourself be caught a walking (or driving) contradiction.

Visual Oxymorons