Friday, November 7, 2008

The Birth of a Blog

It seems like any time I am by myself I wish I were with someone else. Ideally it would be my sweet husband, but really anyone would do. I don't lack confidence or fear being alone, nor do I avoid moments of silent reflection and meditation. I just have a lot of thoughts about everyday mundane things, and I want to say them out loud to someone who will respond. My thoughts aren't always profound and many times they don't even make sense. I don't want to look like a crazy person, so a blog seemed like the next best thing. So here we go...the birth of my blog.

Thoughts I have had recently:

-Why does that guy think he is cool enough to have a license plate that reads P.M.P Z. Seriously? If you are going to brand yourself like that, at least drive a Cadi or a sweet ride, not a Miata.

-When I run in the mornings, I see lots of fun things. Some of the regulars include:

1) A cute little Asian guy who stands just outside his garage doing calisthenics. He is pretty bouncy when he does his stretches, and it makes me a laugh a little every time I run by. Add to this scenario the mountains of trash bags full of coke cans in his garage. I am not kidding. Mountains. These people like their cokes. I just always wonder why they don't put them in the single-stream recycle bin and get rid of them. Thoughts?

2) Awkward middle school kids waiting for the bus. They remind me every day of my awkward, fat junior high days and the fact that I will one day have an awkward (possibly fat) middle school kid to love. The kids I see in the mornings are funny with their huge band instruments that they most likely suck at playing, and the division of guys and girls. BUT, get this! I ran by one bus stop the other day and it was a little early for kids to be out. There was a boy and a girl sitting on the ground just chilling and talking. I think they are bus stop g/f & b/f. I think they look forward to seeing each other every morning, and one day in high school when the girl grows up and gets pretty, she will forget about her bus stop boyfriend and date the quarterback. Is that cynical of me to think? Have I been watching too many goofy teeny-bopper movies? More run-sightings later.

-Why do onions and garlic make your hands smell for three days, and how is the Rub Away bar any different from just rubbing your hands all over your stainless steel sink? I think we could save $7.50 here folks...I'm just saying.

Well, that's all for now. I hope people read this. I already have a topic for my next post so I will give you a sneak peek: My new puppy Ella has been excellent birth control.

Later gators!


The Counselor

Love it... you rock.

David Floyd

Great start.


woohoo! I just started a blog too. I added you to my blogroll :o)

The Megster

It would be funnier if they were cans of PBR. But coke is oddly fitting. Someone's gotta pull a Russell Simmons to work off those calories! ANd I miss your random and sometimes awkward thoughts. They make my day. So this is quite fitting.


I found your blog through Patrick and Kim's. It is hilarious! And that is a great picture of Ella!