Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sylestine 2013 Holiday Letter


Hello Family and Friends,

This year has been pretty incredible and God has blessed us in many ways!

If you don't keep up w/ the blog, here's a quick update on where we are as a family.

Jeremy is still a prosecutor for the Travis County District Attorney's office. He works in the child abuse division of his office, so his job is hard, yet deeply rewarding. It doesn't make for good dinner conversation, but he loves what he does. In addition to his day job, he's also on the faculty for the UT Law School. Yup! In the fall, Jeremy leads a prosecution clinic on Wednesday nights for the interns in his office. He really enjoys the educational part of that job and it's great to be a mentor to the law students. Jeremy continues to lead our couples class at Riverbend, Couple Vision, and does a great job facilitating conversation and helping young couples grow their faith. In February, he will run another half marathon and most likely enjoy some ice cream and a good cigar afterward. This past year, Jeremy got to have some dude time in Ruidoso with his buddies and I'm hearing rumors of a Vegas trip or two in 2014.

Molly Ann quit her full time job! That was the biggest news of the year. I quit my job at Volusion in June to be a WAHM (work at home mom). I now work part time for Zirtual as a virtual assistant. Basically, I am an online assistant for a handful of people. Examples of things I do include: Salesforce administration, booking trips, editing content, shopping (my fave), scheduling meetings and doing research. It's fun, flexible and most importantly, I get to spend time w/ Q. I am still an active member in the Junior League of Austin, and my placement this year is with Breakthrough Austin. It's an organization that helps low-income high school kids who want to go to college. I continue to enjoy my BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) that meets once a week. I also help lead Couple Vision (sort of) and I am the room mom for Q's class at school. Since I quit my job, I have really enjoyed getting to know the other moms in my neighborhood. It has made me love our neighborhood even more and has me excited to see Q grow up w/ the kiddos we're meeting. This year I got to take two fun "mom only" trips. One was to Kansas City with some of my best girlfriends, Jill and Allison. The other was to NYC to hang out with some of my other best girlfriends, Stacey and Crystal. I love traveling and I hope 2014 brings lots more!

Quinn is 2 going on 21. My goodness that little toddler girl. She goes to school three days a week (MWF) and loves her teachers and friends. She talks a lot. Like a whole lot, and most people tell us how impressed they are w/ her language skills. She loves Cinderella, Snow White, Sesame Street, her Fischer Price Little People, being outside, doing everything by herself, eating avocado, Goldfish, apple sauce, scrambled eggs, ketchup and soup, she is highly entertained by Ella and still hates riding in the car. We're truly blessed with such a richly curious and sweet child, and are so excited to see how she grows in 2014!

Ella is just Ella. Poor sweet 6-yr. old Ella just puts up with so much from Quinn. She is still one of the sweetest, dumbest yet smartest dogs we know. She drives me crazy half the time, but then she looks at us w/ those "Precious Moments" eyes and we melt. We love that sweet dog and she'll always be our first child together.

Merry Christmas to you all! May the Lord bring many blessings to you and your family in 2014.

The Sylestines